The Blonde Side Jayme Lamm

The Blonde Side Jayme Lamm


A star athlete since the age of 5 when she struggled to pop her first wheelie showing off for a boy, Jayme has always had a knack for adventure and sports. Playing them, watching them, bossing other people around on how to play them – the whole nine. After working in professional sports in PR and marketing for 5 long years, Jayme was finally escorted out of the industry for what some would call non – PC behavior. Hell, it’s served her better than the Astros repeated dismal seasons, has it not?

The good thing about not being on a team’s payroll is that Jayme is now back in full force with her greatest accessory – her opinions. Which she has many of.

Originally from Virginia, Jayme relocated to Houston 5 years ago and has since been making a name for herself. She is in her purest form, a conundrum. She is delightfully unrefined. She is a lover of sports & words. She is a serial do-gooder with a limited filter. She proved it when she co-founded Charity Chicks Houston, which basically serves as a charity for charities in December 2008 and has since grown to over 5000 members.

She comes equipped with her own little black cloud overhead. She is a freelance writer who can turn the most mundane of stories into a sexy art form with nothing more than words and a little bit of inaccurate punctuation. (Subsequently she was the same girl attempting to get Corporate America to embrace the word ‘sexy’, but has since moved on to bigger things such as ridding the world of Tim Tebow fans everywhere.)

She is a fan of all sports, but is a fanatical Eagles fan thanks to a starter jacket. She loves her choking ALCS team, the Rangers and with or without LeBron James, is a Miami Heat fan and doesn’t care who talks smack to her on Twitter because of it.

The only accolade thus far for The Blonde Side is being named CBS Houston’s Most Valuable Sport’s Blogger 2011, which is pretty good stuff.

Jayme’s entire life has been the epitome of unorthodox complete with broken bones, twenty-two surgeries which may or may not include implants, medical mysteries, and the worst of luck thanks to her little black cloud overhead. (Note, said wheelie landed her 12 stitches in the chin). She vows never to make out with a professional athlete again. Maybe an amateur here or there, but that’s the extent.

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