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  • Andy McNamara posted 1779 days ago

    Andy McNamara

    Great read on Shurmur's awful play calling and general coaching. I would be shocked if he was ever even interviewed for another head coaching job. Truly a colossal blunder.

  • Andy McNamara posted 1791 days ago

    Andy McNamara

    Wow can't believe Chip went back. Seems like a slimey move against the university and Philadelphia. I smell an overrated, overhyped bust coming up.

  • Andy McNamara posted 1803 days ago

    Andy McNamara

    Love the article idea David. Will see the assignments I'm given this week and go from there. We know at least Andy Reid is out.

    All the best,


  • Andy McNamara posted 1849 days ago

    Andy McNamara

    Thanks for becoming a fan David! All the best.

  • Brian Stepanek posted 2022 days ago

    Brian Stepanek

    Very good point, David! I thought about Evan Moore when posting the Jason Pinkston stage. You're absolutely right.

    The reason I kinda thought, "naaaah," was because I could see Moore flexed like Gronkowski and Hernandez in New England. In terms of X's and O's they're identical to a slot receiver or even split end on some plays, but they're still "tight ends."

    Your case is a compelling one, however, and I'm not sure I agree with my own supposition more than your own. Thanks for your readership and the intelligent commentary!

  • Rico C posted 2043 days ago

    Rico C

    I am a fan of your, David. It may sometimes appear the opposite,,,but that is what makes for eye opening conversations. When I want to get down to the nitty gritty - it is people at the top of their game I seek out - like Bruce Lee did - he sought out the Masters to fight, and learn from. The Apache Indians always sought out the good fight - so do I...so it is with you. I respect you, David.