Marcus Cannaday

Marcus Cannaday


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  • James Bond posted 2042 days ago

    James  Bond

    how's rashad feeling now? i know he probably took out his frustration on you last night

  • Greg Yoder posted 2042 days ago

    Greg  Yoder


  • Greg Yoder posted 2047 days ago

    Greg  Yoder

    marcus tell me something, if sonnen dominated sonnen for 24 1/2 minutes, and came oh so close to beating silva, but couldn't do it, and lost, how does that proove he is the better fighter? even with the help of TRT, and silvas bruised ribs, what does that proove? that he's an dilusional idiot with a triple wide ego and a mouth to match? that can't stand up to the best fighter in the world without the help of TRT? and lets get one thing straight first off, i am no silva "fanboy", i can't stand silva, and wish he would have lost to franklin in the first fight, and i would have liked sonnen to be able to have beaten silva, fairly, without being high on TRT.... but that didn't happen, he tried, and failed when it counted most.

    your going on and on about about how silva got dominated for 5 rounds while curving around and dodging the fact that he got beaten fairly. you don't support the "facts" and claims you give with anything, other than all these theories and non-sense that don't even make sense.

    whenever you can give a logical explaination for you absurdities you're given then yeah go ahead by all means go ahead and state them. but going around saying all these absurdities about jones and silva about how they are barely good is ridiculous and makes me and probably everyone else on this site believe you know little to nothing of the sport.

  • James Bond posted 2047 days ago

    James  Bond

    how do chael sonnen's balls taste? you better hurry i know rashad has you penciled in for this afternoon

  • Greg Yoder posted 2048 days ago

    Greg  Yoder

    if sonnen dominated for 5 rounds? then how come he submitted and lost the fight? he tapped, he cried uncle, he said "stop i can't fight anymore, i fold." face it and face reality, silva was the better fighter and prooved that by beating sonnen.

  • Rafael Mijolary posted 2055 days ago

    Rafael Mijolary

    Anderson Silva is the GOAT!