I. Marino

I. Marino


Remembering the days when I was a boy. Laying down on my bed, with my dad sitting next to me. Telling me stories of the 1970s. The 70s, possibly the greatest era of Peruvian Futbol. He told me stories of El Nene Teofilo Cubillas, how he was one of the best the world had ever seen. Telling me how his thunderous shot that gave Per u its 1st world cup win since the 30s, sent the entire nation into euphoria. Telling me of "El Capitan de America" Hector Chumpitaz, bruising every player that stood in his way. Telling to opposition to dare to come at him. I still await the day, where I can tell my own kids stories about Peru. But what is there to tell? 32 years of Failure? 32 years of false hope? 32 years Developing some of the best players in this world, and yet, we cannot reach the World Cup? 32 years of losses that hurt our hearts? 32 years of wins that never mattered? One day I hope I can tell my kids, The speed and technique of Jefferson "La Foquita" Farfan toying with other players. The stamina and courage of Juan "El Loco" Vargas, tirelessly running up and down the pitch. The spectacular saves of Raul "Superman" Fernandez. The strength and heart of Jose Paolo "El Depredador" Guerrero, The vision and intelligence of Rinaldo Cruzado, The imitating Alberto "El Mudo" Rodriguez and then, Our captain, Claudio "El Bombadero de los Andes" Pizarro. But when they are alive and growing up, they will watch the incredible speed of Yordy " El Rey" Reyna, Edison "Orejas" Flores, the future of Real Madrid and Peru, Cristian "Chaval" Benavente. One day I hope. One Day.

People nowadays look at Real and one name comes to mind, Cristiano Ronaldo. No doubt, he is one of the best players of this generation. But when I hear the name Real Madrid, I think of Zidanes incredible volley in our last CL triumph, Di Stefano and Puskas in the 50s and 60s, the "original" Ronaldo, the Mexican hero Hugo Sanchez and among other things that made Real one of the most iconic and popular clubs in the world. People will always hate, saying we haven't won the CL in a decade, how we are inferior to Barcelona(never ever), but through all the talk, and all the heartbreak. Im a Madrid fan until I am deceased.

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  • Andy Doubleday posted 1270 days ago

    Andy Doubleday

    Hey, man. What's up? It's been a while.

    Still sore about the James signing. But I wouldn't have anybody other than Ancelotti to fix this situation.

  • mikhail kavami posted 1272 days ago

    mikhail kavami

    James is gonna screw us over how will we play Kroos Modric Alonso Modric James ?
    plus if we try a 4-2-3-1 we will get killed even after signing navas i have my doubts if we want 4-2-3-1 to work we need someone like Mascherano to break play's up and too put tackles to break legs 4-2-3-1 will only work if varane will play at his best all season long and hoping ramos does not get a red card

  • mikhail kavami posted 1280 days ago

    mikhail kavami

    you think were gonna buy falcao ? im happy with benzema tbf

  • bee hahn posted 1288 days ago

    bee hahn

    I've seen a couple of your comments on the Madrid posts and you are spot on with all of them.

  • Dienz Jaffret posted 1289 days ago

    Dienz Jaffret

    I guess messi was saving himself for the world cup LOL

  • Dienz Jaffret posted 1313 days ago

    Dienz Jaffret

    Hey Marino, how's the world cup for you so far?

  • Alex Barker posted 1328 days ago

    Alex Barker

    I was in my hotel in Times Square New York, and I ran down the hallway screaming when I realized it was a goal. If Ramos does not get that pay raise he wanted a few months ago I'll fly to Madrid myself to give Perez a Zidane headbutt. Ramos para siempre en mi corazón. Guerrero de Madrid

  • MMLALA Destroys posted 1329 days ago

    MMLALA Destroys

    Absolutely! I was screaming a little bit today at my brother and I realized my throat still hurt a little bit. I lost my voice after that goal, no joke. My friend and I were praying from the 75th minute on and when the 88th minute came we fell silent and started to lose hope. Once Ramos headed it into the back of the net my friend and I screamed as loud as we could, stopped for a second because we saw Courtois and he looked confused (I don't know if you remember) then it showed Ramos and the whole team at the corner flag and we screamed so loud and we hugged each other. We were still celebrating once extra time started until my friend said we should calm down because they might get another crappy goal like the Godin one. We then kissed our badges 50 times as we were both wearing the beautiful shirt.

  • JD Foster posted 1329 days ago

    JD Foster

    Yep lol, was practically almost in tears, was a great moment bro. One I will probably never forget .

  • Muhammad Ahmad posted 1330 days ago

    Muhammad Ahmad

    I did cry and I screamed a lot. Pure joy