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  • Xeno-philous F posted 2511 days ago

    Xeno-philous F

    My last piece before tonight's final:

  • Conor Mc posted 3079 days ago

    Conor Mc

    hey......could you let me know what you think of this:


  • Conor Mc posted 3084 days ago

    Conor Mc

    hello 15andcounting!!!!!!!!!!!!! HURRAY!!!!!!!!!!!! what a win!!!!! I felt sick for Roddick though, genuinely sick for him, but I wouldn't change the outcome of the match. Cheers and here's to your name changing every few months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Welcome to the B/R R.F. FAN CLUB ''in numbers we will support''
    Comon the FED EXPRESS
    Gunning for 15

  • Conor Mc posted 3110 days ago

    Conor Mc

    ye I think its would have taken a long time 4 me 2 recover if he lost! I'm almost sure he can win wimby now, he's so consistent, mr. consistent, unlike nadal and i think that's why he will win! I can't wait 4 it 2 begin, i felt like crying when he won! Never felt so happy, not even after wimby '07.
    4 the name....well i suppose it will have 2 b 14andcounting!!! With a nice pic of fed and the trophy-wat r u thinking 4 wimby?
    Fed, Nadal (will he make it?), or other?

  • Conor Mc posted 3111 days ago

    Conor Mc

    hey .......well its an honour 4 me 2 b able 2 call u 14!!!!

  • Sergey Zikov posted 3224 days ago

    Sergey Zikov


    Let me know what you think of this Valentines Day ode.


  • Conor Mc posted 3225 days ago

    Conor Mc

    hey 13, u have good viewpoints about the tennis and fed and what not, u should rite an article about some of it, i'm sure it'd do well, or may b u don't have time.
    P.S. hope i'll b calling u 14 by the end of may!!!

  • Sergey Zikov posted 3230 days ago

    Sergey Zikov


    What's tennis like to you after the Australian Open?

  • JA Allen posted 3238 days ago

    JA Allen

    Hey 13 - thanks for the note -very sweet of you to think of me. Yes, I am miserable...and upset - as we all are...but I hope what you feel is true...because the game wouldn't be the same without dear Roger in it--would it? Again, thanks! jaa