Ray Jag

Ray Jag


I was raised in Pittsburgh and lived through the dynasty of the 70's and our 25 year drought.

I love the black and gold. With such a history of winners, it saddens me deeply that our Pirate's organization loves only mediocracy.

I love hunting and fishing, the great outdoors. The fish pictured here is a 35 inch, 10 lb Musky caught on July 4th, 2008. It was released soon after the picture was taken and enjoying life.

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  • Summer hamilton posted 3009 days ago

    Summer hamilton

    I actually became a Steelers fan because my Dad is a really big Steelers fan. He grew up watching the Steelers of the seventies and has loved them ever since. He's taught me alot.

  • Mike Kent posted 3197 days ago

    Mike  Kent

    This is a article saying thanks to you, and to the rest of BR


  • Nick Signorelli posted 3200 days ago

    Nick Signorelli

    I wrote an article proving Big Ben is in fact an elite QB. I would love for you to read it and give me your input.


    Would love any feedback.

  • John Louie Ramos posted 3203 days ago

    John Louie Ramos


    I would love it if you checked out my latest article, I hope that it gives us all the much needed inspiration.

    "The cradles of eminence part2, the triumph of the human spirit"



  • Phillip Bunting posted 3219 days ago

    Phillip Bunting

    I love the Ben Roethlisberger article you wrote.

  • robert a posted 3222 days ago

    robert a


    Not trying to pick a fight, but all this arguing over Ben Roethlisberger's "eliteness" inspired me to write my own article. I tried to be as objective as possible, and in no way tried to trash the guy. Just offering my opinion on the argument


  • Nick Signorelli posted 3224 days ago

    Nick Signorelli

    I posted an article very similar to yours. I enclosed a link to your story. Very interesting stuff you got. Keep up the good work.

  • G D posted 3228 days ago

    G D


    I'm sorry to hear your a Pittsburgh fan. I guess I can make an exception this one time. Thats a nice picture..I was out to Pitt twice this year for the Pitt-Buffalo game, and the Pitt-West Virginia game. I'm from around Harrisburg so theres countless creeks and rivers to fish. Gotta love it.