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My name is Ethan Mitchell. I am an avid sports fan up in the Emerald City. I love the Oregon Ducks Pittsburgh steelers Seattle Mariners and the Pittsburgh Penguins. Its funny because husky and seahawk fans hate because recently the ducks have been beating the huskies at football and the steelers beat the hawks in super bowl XL. Living is Seattle and seeing the sonics leave was tough. Seattle is a city that wants to win so badly after so many losing seasons. My two least least favorite people are CLAY BENNETT and BILL BAVASI...Bill screwed the mariners. Here is just a small list of stuff that he has done.

Trading away Adam Jones George Sherrill, Chris Tillman (ranked 16th best prospect) AND Tony Bennett for Erik Bedard...the thing is the orioles wanted branden Morrow and George Sherrill to be the centerpiece of the trade but Bill said no take Adam Jones and George Sherrill along with 2 good prospects...(did not name the third one)
Signing Carlos Silva to a 4 year deal!
Signing Miguel Batista to a 3 year deal! (lets not even talk how much Carlos and Miguel are making)

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