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  • Josh Matt posted 1892 days ago

    Josh Matt

    care for a fan add?

  • The Champ posted 1996 days ago

    The Champ

    What Cenation does is none of your business. Problem?
    If want some come get some...CENA=GOAT

  • Justin Hartling posted 2002 days ago

    Justin Hartling

    If you want to put in a word and maybe point them my way just so they can see if they think my stuff cuts it,I would love that

  • Justin Hartling posted 2003 days ago

    Justin Hartling

    I have been just recently thinking about writing for cracked actually.

    Having a surprisingly difficult time finding subjects and people to take notice of it though.

    Thank you so much for the encouragement though because it is that, that keeps me going on this pursuit.

  • In JBL We Trust posted 2024 days ago

    In JBL We Trust

    I am the greatest, period! John Bradshaw Layfield is a self-made millionaire because he is a champion in every way possible. Champion in the ring, champion on network TV, champion on Wall Street, champion of mountain climbing, and when I return to the WWE, I will give the people what they want...JBL at the announce table, JBL as GM, and perhaps even JBL, the NEW WWE champion!