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  • iowa chick posted 3251 days ago

    iowa chick

    Hey-I wrote my first article. I don't know how to send the link, but it's "Why We all Have an Opinion on Brett Favre" Let me know what you think

  • Jersey Al Bracco posted 3261 days ago

    Jersey Al Bracco

    Farewell to Brett...


  • iowa chick posted 3266 days ago

    iowa chick

    My Dad is buried in Appleton, Wisc. A good reason to head up to Green Bay whenver.

  • iowa chick posted 3273 days ago

    iowa chick

    Hey Kurt:
    How ya doing? Do you live in the south? Sounds like you kinda know your way around down there. I could not tell for sure the time, but do you go to work at midnight? Wow. Congrats on writing your first article. I need to do that too.

    I am thinking maybe when Favre goes into the HOF would be another good time to meeet Brett. I'm definitely going. I can't believe you walked up to him--I admire that. I would be too shocked to move.

    (Hey, I met Clint Eastwood here when they made Bridges of Madison county. He ws playing golf and I had to stop my car for him to cross in front. He has a nice swing.)

    I love Favre's look like he had on the ESPY's this year, stubble all around--I just don't like that beard. I think it made him look older.

    What do you think of him playing with the Vikings? They better have a great O line to keep him safe. I thinnk one problme with the Jets is he just took way too many sacks.

    Well I am headed to bed. TTYS iowachick

  • G D posted 3274 days ago

    G D


    Right now we all need to take time out of our day, and pray for Jim Johnson. The Philadelphia Eagle's defensive coordinator who was diagnosed with skin cancer. Let me know what you think. Thanks


  • iowa chick posted 3276 days ago

    iowa chick

    Hi there--thanks for the compliments. I really have read all the Favre books: favre on Favre (by Brett and his Mom), Deanna's Book (Don't Bet against Me." Favre, a compilation of SI articles from over the years, Another Favre which somes with a CD of his old Packer Buddies talking about him--the articles are from various Wisconsin Press. The Fans Write to Favre is really a nice read, too. Near the back are comments from longtime NFL coaches and people who played against. The players all say they can't wait to tell their grandkids they played against the Great Brett Favre.

    Did you know the Favre family has a blog site? You access it through Deanna's Hope Foundation. Most are the posts of his oldest daughter, and one from Deanna during the Lion's controversy. I have posted encouraging the family not to believe the press after the Jets ended--that there are millions out here supporting their Dad.

    I would not have know what to say if I had seen Brett but I would love to see him. I too would be shaking. I would want to act cool, while at the same time I would love to get a hug from him. That's my middleaged fantasy --a hug from Brett favre.

    I heard he has huge hands. I guess he can spread his hand down the full length of the ties on the ball--and he's the only one that can. I think that's why he can make those crossover passes you are not supposed to do.

    It was hard loosing my Dad because he always made sure I got to a Pro football games and to Canada fishing for Walleyes. I have not been fishing since he passed. He taught us Wisconsin card games (Sheepshead) and was just a person that liked to go see things and have fun.

    Now were you and Brett at a gas station or what? You did not tell me that. Was it really completely coincidental? Did he need to shave?

    I think I met Max McGhee, Donny Anderson, Ray Nitchsce (sp?) and one other wide reciver I think. They were all there but I was afraid to make eye contact until game day.

    Did you know a lot of these Jokers who write on Bleacher Report are about 20 years old? That's why I have lost patience with them. I used to post more politely but now I just go for it. I loved your "Give them Hell, Harry" when you listed all the flopped players. Good job!!

    Talk to you soon.

  • iowa chick posted 3277 days ago

    iowa chick

    Hey Kurt: The Packers used to stay at the Thunderbird Motel out by the old stadium--this is in the 60's. I really was just a kid, but old enough to have a crush on Donny Anderson. He was on the cover of the Sports Illustrated with James Taylor and they were called Green Bay's "Million Dollar Bonus Babies"--imagine a million between the two being big news! Anyway, I got a huge crush on Donny (I think he pretty much tanked after his first year).

    My father was from Green Bay and was raised in a big Packer Family. He moved to Iowa and never got season tickets to Lambeau, although my Aunt and an Uncle did (think they have passed down to those cousins.)

    My Dad got season tickets to the Vikings for business purposes, but whenever Green Bay played in Minnesota he would take my older sister and I and he got us rooms at the Thunderbird. The Packers were all staying on the same floor, and before dinner they were milling around in the hallway with their room doors open. Bart Starr was on the phone in his room. My sister and I were overwhelmed by how BIG the players were, and it was all we could do to wait for Bart and say hello. He was very nice and not as overwhelming in size as some of the guys in the hall. I never did pick out Donny. I was young (maybe 13) but very shapely and blonde and I think I attracted some players attention but I was way too young to know what to do so we ran away!!!

    The next day my Dad had changed his seats so we could almost touch the Packers as they came on the field. That was more comfortable and I did get some autographs.

    This year I bought Packer/Viking tickets in the 4 hours it looked like Favre would come back. I was sooo disappointed when he didn't. My Dad is gone, but my sister and I decided we would go anyway for old times sake. We had seats right in the front row and Ryan Grant nearly fell on our laps, so we did have a lot of fun. It reminded me how much I love live Pro Football.

    My Dad was kind of a Vince Lombardi type and he educated us about anything we went to. When my Dad died in 1999 I kind of lost my interest in football for a while and realized a couple years ago how much I missed it. Brett was there waiting for me!

    So what did he say when you met him? I so want to meet him. I do have a huge crush, but do know that it is a crush on a famous person--not a goal or anything. I just have fun with it. Tell me what he sounds like?

  • iowa chick posted 3278 days ago

    iowa chick

    No, I have never met Favre in person. I am jealous! I have always been a fan and I never imagined he would leave or that the Packers would let him leave. I kept thinking "next year" I'd head up to training camp or Lambeau. Once this all happened I was so mad I had not made more an effort to meet him. I usually saw GB in Mineapolis cause it is closer and my Dad from green Bay has passed away.

    I did meet Bart Starr when I was a kid. My Dad had us stay at the same hotel as the Packers. They were all so tal;l I was afraid to talk to nay of them, but I got to see Starr on the phone.

    How did you see Brett in Mississippi. My sister and I talked about driving down to eat at his folks restaurant, but Who knows if he would be there. I want to hear every detail