Clance' McClannahan


Seer, Prophetess and Diva Goddess of the Lug Nutz, Pastor of The Church of The Great Oval.
Age: Between #48 and #88, impatient with ages #2 and #18, most of the time pushing #20.
I am an outspoken NASCAR Extreme Fan. I alway have something to say, ranging from 0 -180 and back on the IQ scale, in 6 seconds flat.

Albert Einstein occasionally channels advice when I least expect it. I am not responsible in any way for anything he says while he is dead.

I am also fairly sure there is a conspiracy by Aliens to take over NASCAR.

The Church of The Great Oval is a NASCAR blog honoring the Sacred Sport of NASCAR providing general commentary on NASCAR related topics and weekly race predistions based on the Astrological aspects of each race. All of my NASCAR predictions are based on the Astrological charts of each driver. Some prediction and driver horoscopes are generated using 12 noon as the approximate birth time. This allows the closest astrological aspects possible without the actual birth times. There are a some of the driver's scope's that are based on actual birth times.
All information is technically "Un-official", and accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

Sassing back is welcomed and encouraged.

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