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  • Crabber 1967 . posted 2670 days ago

    Crabber 1967 .

    My latest article: Walmart Will Not Be Sponsoring Jeff Gordon.

  • Crabber 1967 . posted 2733 days ago

    Crabber 1967 .

    Please read my latest effort (which contains links to my earlier stories about Raymond Parks)
    Raymond Parks: NASCAR's First Championship Owner Dies at the Age of 96.

  • Crabber 1967 . posted 2773 days ago

    Crabber 1967 .

    Hi Christopher!
    Please check out my latest effort:
    The “Indianapolis Effect” on NASCAR Racing in the U.S.
    Let me know what you think!

  • Bryan Hollister posted 2925 days ago

    Bryan Hollister

    Please read, comment and pass on if you like...

  • Crabber 1967 . posted 2952 days ago

    Crabber 1967 .

    I’m finally back to publishing articles on Bleacher Report.
    About 12 days ago I published my take on the Hall of Fame:
    NASCAR Hall Of Fame's First Class a No-Brainer... and That's the Problem

    My most recent effort is:
    NASCAR, Stop the Talladega “Flip” Flap

    Part Two of:
    NASCAR, Stop the Talladega “Flip” Flap
    Will be coming soon!

    Thanks for reading and I look forward to your comments!

  • Steve Smith posted 2959 days ago

    Steve Smith


    I really thought you’d find this piece something you’d want to read on this Veteran’s Day.


    Daniel Barber aka Hotnuke

  • Rob Tiongson posted 3080 days ago

    Rob Tiongson


    Again, I thought I'd branch out from my NASCAR streak and do a list of who I consider to be ten of the most enduring athletes in American sports over the past 20 years. These talents have played through the pain, hardships, and against time while they achieved their successes. Take a look at my list and chime in with your thoughts!


  • David Scercy posted 3080 days ago

    David Scercy

    Hiya.....hope all is well. Please take a second to read my latest, bleacherreport didnt put it anywhere for anyone to read and I thought the article turned out well.