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  • Eric posted 1958 days ago


    I'm glad you resorted to name calling and blatant insults rather than challenge my assumption about religious bias. I do believe that you mistakenly thought I was referring to you as a religious bigot? I was not, and even made that clear in my reply. Apologies if you thought that. It has been my understanding on this website there are 2 types of users: educated ones who add to the more thoughtful articles, and those who are uneducated who help lower the standard. From reading through a few of your replies it would appear you are the former.

  • L Fox posted 1959 days ago

    L Fox

    Sorry Bill...I just realized that I put you guys in the SEC. My sincerest apologies for that. I meant to say the south. But with all the blustering from the SEC lately, I guess I had that on the brain. Like I said before, I generally try to put my brain in gear before I engage my mouth. But obviously, I'm not always successful! Good luck to you guys this year and hope to see you in a bowl game. Long live College Football...the greatest sport on the planet!

  • L Fox posted 1977 days ago

    L Fox

    Hi Bill...thanks for the kind words. I actually have a few favorite teams, and when it comes to the SEC, Texas is on top. I'll NEVER forget that NC a few years ago with Texas against USC! That has to be the best CFC game I've ever seen!
    I generally try to put my brain in gear before I engage my mouth. I'm not always successful, but experience has to count for something! Sounds like you have the kind of connections to enable you to see some great events. I used to have a good neighbor friend who was a big shot in a local pharmacuetical company and I got a chance to go to a lot of great local sporting events. Unfortunately, he left the area to become a "bigger" shot in the company.
    If you ever just want to vent about college sports, I'm at

    All the best to you and yours,

    Len Fox