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  • Tommy Chhe posted 1283 days ago

    Tommy Chhe

    Predictions for Germany-Portugal? I'll go with a very bold one like the UCL final....3-2 Portugal

  • Norman posted 1292 days ago


    I would take Pogba in a hearbeat! Verratti for me is not really needed at this point. In a few years though. Pogba is technical and physical, rare amalgam. We need him in my opinion. Problem is he will want to be a starter and we can't give him that right now.

  • Andy Doubleday posted 1292 days ago

    Andy Doubleday

    Rodrigo or Alexandre Lacazette.

  • Tommy Chhe posted 1293 days ago

    Tommy Chhe

    Griezmann is very interesting. I think considering Jese is still gone by December/January, I think Ancelotti would be wise to have another winger even if it is merely a loan. Now as for a striker? I suggest....Chicharito. Although Chicharito wants more playing time for another club, I think he would be good considering he is a very good poacher and he would be less expensive. Not to mention, he is very intelligent so he would be the perfect striker seeing that we don't need a superstar striker, just a young one.

    I think we should keep Diego Lopez at any cost. Real Madrid basically got a bargain by signing Diego Lopez last winter.

  • I. Marino posted 1296 days ago

    I. Marino

    If you didn't cry during Ramos's goal

    You are no madridista

  • Norman posted 1297 days ago


    I somewhat agree. In hindsight it's easy to think the galactico policy worked out after all because Bale "won" us la decima. This assertion, however, couldn't be further away from the truth. I would love to believe the reckless spending was just an outward manifestation of Perez's obsession with la Decima. I know we're the biggest club in the world and money shouldn't really be my concern right now but I would very much love it if we started spending smartly. That being said, if Ancelotti thinks Suarez would make the system better, I'm all for paying 200 million for him. Carlo knows best. I'm at rest. He's got this.

  • Tommy Chhe posted 1297 days ago

    Tommy Chhe

    Well.....the scoreline should've been 2-1 RM. Atletico didn't really deserve to lose like that in terms of scoreline, then again, I blame Costa. Seriously, 9 minutes? That is why I never buy Costa as world class because he hogs up a substitution that Juanfran could've been used for. Good god, if he ever goes to Chelsea, he's going to be a bust and I know a bust when I see it. Predictions for Real Madrid summer? I think Khedira will get sold, but Paul Pogba is going to Real Madrid

  • Skie Ross posted 1297 days ago

    Skie Ross

    I guess but I still think Ancelotti could have done the same, but managed the team better because Mourinho hurt us a lot too.

  • Norman posted 1298 days ago


    If I were president I would loan Morata to a mid table Spanish team. I'd then buy Rodrigo or any backup striker who's better than Morata but willing to chill on the bench. Midfield might also be an area worth galvanizing. Our president, however, is not going to do any of the above.

    We'll probably just buy Suarez for 110 million.

  • Skie Ross posted 1298 days ago

    Skie Ross

    Lmao atleast he joins in on the fun, Mourinho just had the fans sing his song. Do you think Ancelotti would've been better then Mourinho of he came in 2011 instead?