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  • Jersey Al Bracco posted 3204 days ago

    Jersey Al Bracco

    by Jersey Al
    2 days ago

    My follow-up to the worst Packer Picks - Meet the BEST Packer picks:


    Look forward to your comments...

  • Jersey Al Bracco posted 3226 days ago

    Jersey Al Bracco

    The best pure pass rusher in the NFL draft:


  • Mark Deka posted 3456 days ago

    Mark Deka

    radio show this fall sports/rap

  • Football Maniaxs posted 3480 days ago

    Football Maniaxs

    Hi James, can you email me at fantasydrx@yahoo.com

  • Greg Howe posted 3494 days ago

    Greg  Howe

    the article was good. the predictions will probably be close to right on although I think Minnesota might be better than what you had them listed as. otherwise, I think the article was good and your analysis was good as well!

  • Angelina Ramos posted 3580 days ago

    Angelina Ramos

    Wow sorry it took me sooo long to write you back... got sick for a bit n then had track meet after track meet the last few weekends... this is the first weekend off of competition before another the weekend after...sorry about that, sincerely. I said yes to CU Boulder for grad school but I also got into michigan, UNC, Colorado state, and Florida state. It was a bit of a tough decision but I think I made the right one, ultimately. How's Edinb. treatin ya, do you play any sports there? Hope you're having a terrific day!

  • Angelina Ramos posted 3594 days ago

    Angelina Ramos

    Hey James! Just wanted to congratulate you on your ESPN internship next semester... that's pretty awesome... I'm trying to get this job as a training editor for Runner's World for this summer post graduation before potentially starting grad school... keepin the fingers crossed I get it... keep up the awesome writin hope you're havin a great day... get psyched for March Madness!