Justin Faux

Justin Faux


Hi! I'm Justin Faux, I follow Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Formula 1 and Australian Rules Football (AFL). To date I have only written MMA-related articles here on Bleacher Report; although I do contribute to a wide variety of MMA forums from which I've learned from the knowledge and opinions of others. You can count on my articles to deliver a highly educated point-of-view on breaking news and interesting-perspective stories.
Recently I have additionally interacted as a co-host with fellow Bleacher Report contributor, Shawn Smith delivering 'Tap or Snap Radio'. Unfortunately however this has been put on hold for the time being. You can still check out our previous shows at www.taporsnapradio.webs.com.
Basically I enjoy any stimulating conversation especially when it is in regards to the sport that I love; so I thank you for taking the time to read my articles and look forward to hearing your opinion in your anticipated feedback!
Cheers! Justin.

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  • Darren Wong posted 2628 days ago

    Darren Wong

    Hey man, I'm trying to start a little campaign here, and I'm hoping that you'll help me, as I think it's for the best.


  • Richard Bowler posted 2636 days ago

    Richard Bowler

    I haven't wrote about MMA much in the past I wrote this article on the Jose Canseco VS Hershel Walker talk

  • a b posted 2656 days ago

    a b

    Congratulations on your first medal Mr Faux, you're writing is really coming along. Especially enjoying your latest article!!
    Bravo :)

  • Brian Oswald posted 2664 days ago

    Brian Oswald

    Would you be interested in potentially covering UFC 100 in Australia...email me at brianc.oswald@gmail.com and I will fill you in.

  • DeAnte Mitchell posted 2675 days ago

    DeAnte Mitchell


  • Darren Wong posted 2694 days ago

    Darren Wong

    Hi Justin, I've written something with an attempt at humor. Your opinions, feedback or tips on how to improve my humor style would be greatly appreciated.


  • a b posted 2710 days ago

    a b

    Congratulations on getting published on S.I. Justin! Keep up the good work and best wishes for the future!

  • King J posted 2759 days ago

    King J

    Bro we just completed the extended trailer for our MMA film!

  • Matt Randall posted 2778 days ago

    Matt Randall


  • Bleacher Report posted 2795 days ago

    Bleacher Report

    Q: Why does Fedor Emelianko fear the UFC?

    A: Because he is a Sissy!


    Check it out.