Hurricane Carl

Hurricane Carl


Hello boys and girls, Tropical Depression here. My name is Carl, but I am known worldwide as Hurricane Carl because of my swirling tragic tones that strike the innocent writers of Bleacher Report like a Hurricane. I want you all to be my internet neighbors and we can take over the cyber world. The National Weather Service has issued a Hurricane Warning for the entire Bleacher Report community. See you soon. .

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  • Tom Gosden posted 1997 days ago

    Tom Gosden

    Your profile picture gets me going.

  • Hurricane Carl posted 1998 days ago

    Hurricane Carl

    Hello boys and girls, Tropical Depression here. Someone tell Tom Gosden this is a heterosexual board.

  • Tom Gosden posted 1998 days ago

    Tom Gosden

    hey babe. ;-)

  • Jacob Prather posted 1999 days ago

    Jacob Prather

    Hahaha, yes, I will be your neighbor. You have endeared yourself to me well.

  • Aidan Reynolds posted 1999 days ago

    Aidan Reynolds

    No. I never lose.

  • Jacob Prather posted 2000 days ago

    Jacob Prather

    You're picture is beautiful.

  • Maria Cane posted 2000 days ago

    Maria Cane

    Sorry didn't realize this was 1812, not 2012...