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  • iain 73 posted 1923 days ago

    iain 73

    well i use fcbars and personaly i think Ronaldo and Modric are a joke and beyond the joke on fifa13 i use fcbars all the time and they were standing offside and no flag in fifa13 pes13 flag goes up straight away i buy them both ever year Modric 2 times he was offside 3 times Ronaldo was offside but still no flag if these players were that fast all the defence would do is step out every time Ronlado is the biggest joke on the game and so are Real Madrid and fc bars have been turned down on fifa13 not up so there i looked on the internet Spain and Real Madrid are the 2 best teams on it so there Wrong again and i am a fifa fan but this is one the reason`s i started playing pes when madrid are on the attack bring the keeper out just pass it to Ronaldo GOAL! ever time eh was that not in Pes05 06 07 then when pes got to 08 did Shingo Seabass no have an argument with that pes legened because it was always the way he wanted attacking all the time and no DEFENDERS JUST THE GOALKEEPER TO BEAT 1 AGAINST 2 never 1 GOALKEEPER AND 1 DEFENDER never 2v2 players all the time

  • Devil in a New Dress posted 1942 days ago

    Devil in a New Dress

    I may not disagree with everything a person says, as such I'll quote so they know exactly what I disagree with.

  • Frank Wagner posted 1962 days ago

    Frank Wagner

    Hey Gabriel,

    Personally, I don't much follow Super Cups and actually didn't see the Chelsea-Atletico match. I see them as just glorified friendlies where not all that much is at stake.

    That being said, Chelsea did get absolutely destroyed by all accounts. I am very surprised that it wasn't covered on the site.

    Then again, that's what happens when you schedule a match like that on deadline day.

  • Frank Wagner posted 2043 days ago

    Frank Wagner


    In case you haven't seen it yet, I think you'll enjoy my recent article on Barcelona's arrogance:

  • Adam Hart posted 2056 days ago

    Adam Hart

    You seem to really like my articles! Be sure to "fan" me to get the most up to date transfer news, opinion articles and analyzation articles throughout the course of the summer!

  • steve sinclair posted 2073 days ago

    steve sinclair

    What you wrote was so sadly and inanely irrelevant, that you show yourself to be foolish young man. Try being authentic.