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  • James Somers posted 1004 days ago

    James Somers

    Michael Carroll, you're totally uninformed and purely speculating on the situation with Kirk Ferentz at Iowa. His boss, AD Gary Barta, is also on the hot seat and the president of the university is retiring at the end of spring term. There is an insurrection against Barta among the coaches in the women's programs, not to mention an ugly and widely publicized lawsuit against Barta and the university. Trust me, the alums and regents are sickened at the sight of our beloved university being dragged through the mud as a result of Barta's actions. Everyone, from the alums and boosters, all the way up to the board of regents, wants both Barta and Ferentz gone. The athletic department is flush and the alums are willing to underwrite Ferentz's buyout. Money is not a problem. When a new president is seated, he/she will hear, loud and clear, how badly the regents want both Barta and Ferentz to be shown the door. The new president, not the outgoing president, will fire Barta and hire a new AD who will fire Ferentz and bring in his/her own man. The buyout is hot a problem. The Iowa coaching tree stretches from coast to coast and there is no reason to believe that they can't find a terrific coach with strong Iowa ties.. If you do a little digging, i.e., practice journalism, you would learn these things. Don't be the least bit surprised if Ferentz resigns on his own after Barta is fired and a new AD is brought in. But neither should you be surprised if a new Iowa AD fires him. You may respond if you like. I don't hide behind an avatar.

  • randy steffens posted 1611 days ago

    randy steffens

    Michael Baird just proved that it doesn't take much, either, to voice an He'll never figure out 'logic' with his biases. Oh well, eh ?

  • randy steffens posted 1611 days ago

    randy steffens

    Your system's o.k. - just gave me an opportunity to plug some "less noticeable, but (possibly) equally important" games. If they're not 'marquee matchups' at this point, eventually someone might wish that they had heard or thought about checkin' them out.

  • Robert Baird posted 1940 days ago

    Robert Baird

    Michael,you think Alabama will lose this year and Ole Miss just might be the team that does it? You got to be kidding me. I bet your one of the writters that thinks Boise State should be in the National Championship game every year too regardless of their schedule strength. I cant follow the logic of people like you. It just proves to me that it dont take much to land a job as a sports writter lol.

  • Landon Terhune posted 2019 days ago

    Landon Terhune

    please write an article bringing up the issue of Connor Shaws speed in the new EA NCAA football. His speed in the 2012 version was 94/81. (acceleration and speed) In the 2013 version it is 78/71. WHAT Happened?! With Connor's running game being such a huge part of our offense this year how can any South Carolina fan expect to play a anywhere close to accurate version of their team in this years game. Maybe it can be fixed if it is brought to attention.

  • Benjamin Klein posted 2024 days ago

    Benjamin Klein

    My neighbor and I just loved Ray Bourque and when he went to Colorado, we just followed him and I've loved them ever since. Primed for a great year next season!

  • Kevin Boilard posted 2061 days ago

    Kevin Boilard

    Hey, Michael. Small world, huh? Good luck this summer. I just read your first article and it looks like you're already off to a great start.