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I'm a crazy Washington Nationals and New York Knicks fan. I hate anything Boston. The WWE sucks and I'm going to let everyone know about it. Get used to it. I don't claim to be a great writer or a writer at all. I simply make observations on what I see. You don't like what I have to say leave me a scathing comment and pray you hear back from me. It'll be your honor. Catch me being a prick on Twitter @Chris__Icon

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  • Raven MPH posted 1989 days ago

    Raven MPH

    dude your review/comment the last week i believe under the doctors weekly raw recap article was EPIC even much so better than the actual article itself...and i cracked up laughing during the entire read...great stuff you have a twitter account or anything of the sort...need to stay connected and awaiting your next personal raw review :D

  • Iron Sheik posted 2003 days ago

    Iron Sheik

    What crawled up the arse of the guy below me?

  • Marquise Gordon posted 2017 days ago

    Marquise Gordon

    U r a fucking prick who is a conceitwd and close minded. i hope and pray your child doesnt turn out like you.