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  • Matthew Rodriquez posted 1960 days ago

    Matthew Rodriquez

    You said awhile ago, "Cueto's ERA is going to soar, trust me, he is just a lucky pitcher."

    Whats is Cueto's ERA now? thats right its still low. I will agree ERA is not a good indicator of a starting pitchers performance in the short term but it is in the long term over 162 games. The joke is not on me its on you. A real man admits when he is wrong but I doubt you have the cajones to do so. Next time don't be such a dick while posting on my bulletin board.

  • Ryan Johnson posted 2038 days ago

    Ryan Johnson

    wasnt sure you would see my reply in the best under 25 article so heres a fangraphs WAR graph for the 2012 season, see if you can see Jason Heyward on there, because I can see Mike Trout.