Joseph Gelis

Joseph Gelis


I am from southeast Louisiana and live just north of New Orleans. I am a LSU alumnus, having graduated from there in 1992. I am presently in graduate school pursuing my masters in biosecurity/biodefense. I love the SEC and even more so LSU Football. I try to pull for other SEC teams when they are not playing the Tigers, although it is easier to root for some teams more than others. It seems like the more success a particular team has, and the bigger their head gets, the less I cheer them on. I guess that is human nature.

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  • Bleacher Report posted 3214 days ago

    Bleacher Report

    A look at LSU's quarterback situation-

  • Leo Donelon posted 3225 days ago

    Leo Donelon

    Nashville seems like LSU north! You see very little country western stuff anywhere, even by the opry. That being said you see LSU plates and stuff every where. I mewt a guy from up here who son plays for LSU No. 72 Seth I think red shirted last year. Been here since June of 2006 and have yet to meet someone anyone related to a UT player. The new Tiger Fullback played just 50 miles up the road from me. 50 miles around here is like a walk ariound the corner in Louisiana.

  • Travis Hitson posted 3226 days ago

    Travis Hitson

    Joseph great article.

  • Justin Goar posted 3227 days ago

    Justin  Goar

    welcome to B/R!!!
    great first piece. my name is Justin and i'm the LSU football community leader along with Brian Scott. If you have any questions for either of us, don't hesitate to ask.

    always nice to see another tiger here!!


  • Leo Donelon posted 3228 days ago

    Leo Donelon

    How are things in the Florida parishS. New Orleans to a farm in Tennessee after the Flood of 06.

  • Travis Hitson posted 3228 days ago

    Travis Hitson

    check out my latest if you get a chance

  • John Louie Ramos posted 3229 days ago

    John Louie Ramos

    Mr Joseph..

    I hope you'll like this, a simple article about simple people..

  • Travis Hitson posted 3229 days ago

    Travis Hitson

    Joseph welcome to bleacher report.I just joined myself.cant wait to read an article from you.You seem to have a good mind for the game.