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  • Siang Tay posted 3173 days ago

    Siang Tay

    Yoosof, thanks for your post here. No, no hard feelings. BR is a public forum so healthy discussions are part of it. I apologise for the comments being removed. As I said, I had no idea.

  • Yoosof Farah posted 3174 days ago

    Yoosof Farah

    i am still very much angered by your comment, but hey, no point in being hostile, and you were just trying to do good. comments aside, no harsh feelings yeah mate?

  • Yoosof Farah posted 3174 days ago

    Yoosof Farah

    How dare you! A repeat of the reply to your comment, just so the message actually goes in!!!

    Siang, I am not a racist. Read this comment before making judgements:

    it's not nice, but i don't like Nadal. and please don't take it as racism, as one Nadal is spanish, and two I myself have Arabian heritage, and I am half-Iranian. it's just that in my view, Nadal looks like an arab, that's all.

    One, Sergei hasn't said anything wrong, and two, oh please, taking a f**king joke. And how dare you to say I am disrespectful, based on just one little joke and that I even said wasn't in any way intended to be racist. If you're offended by my comment, then I shall be brutally honest, I don't care. I said it's a joke and means nothing harmful, so just accept it okay? It's very childish you picking up on that comment after I have already apologised and said that no racism is intended. I'm sorry, but I respect all opinions, I have no problem with anyone's race, and I myself have mixed-race heritage. No racism has ever been intended, but I find your comment very annoying as you are just being ignorant. It's a little joke and no racism or harm has been intended (WHICH HAS ALREADY BEEN CLEARLY STATED SEVERAL TIMES!!!), so why can't you just accept that, okay? What honestly is the problem when I have clearly stated that no racism has ever been intended like millions of times?

    Please, think before you type. I know you are only trying to do good, saying racists are bad, etc, but just think yeah? I have clearly said no racism was intended, so what is your problem mate? And anyway, wtf do you mean about picking on Nadal's clothes???!!!

    In any case, I am a very respected and established writer on B/R, and you honestly think I would just say a comment like that, fully intending to offend Nadal? Grow up mate; find another avenue for your childish, think you know it all comments. I will not remove that comment about Nadal because it is only a joke, and no racism has EVER been intended. End of.

  • Siang Tay posted 3199 days ago

    Siang Tay

    Thanks belatedly for including my 'If I could change one thing'.

  • Rob York posted 3204 days ago

    Rob York