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  • Nathan Bitner posted 3220 days ago

    Nathan Bitner

    Hey, no crow to eat Dave ... Dayton notched a great win in the tournament and set themselves up well for next year. Though schedules are often mostly set a couple years in advance, I won't be surprised if their OOC games are a bit tougher in '09-10.

    I'm thankful to still be alive and hope we can get two more wins ... I'm definitely not taking anything for granted. =) Thanks for the kind words!

  • Nathan Bitner posted 3235 days ago

    Nathan Bitner

    Ouch -- yeah, that was painful to Duquesne and it actually hurts Dayton that Xavier lost as well, cheapening their victory as Xavier has collapsed. The early-season win over Marquette should save them, though now that Creighton is probably out, they take another blow.

    The general numbers aren't too bad, but it is likely to be an 11 seed for them now -- which actually might be better than a 7-10, since they would face a #4 or #12 in the second round if they pulled out an upset, instead of a #1 or #2. Of course, they'd start out with a 5 seed, but the #5-6s are pretty weak this year. They can't draw Xavier of course (too bad, eh?), but could face a team w/ a bad injury like Marquette, who they beat when healthy. Other than that ... let's see, Utah or INSERT MWC TEAM HERE -- not too bad, I don't see any SEC team being that high (a #6), I don't see any ACC team in that range, except maybe Clemson (which would be a bad team to face for Dayton due to their style of play, though they have gone cold of late). Syracuse would be an awful draw, but I'd have to think they've moved up to a 4 seed with their recent wins, a 3 if they win the tourney.

    I'll quit rambling ... they might have to sweat a little on Sunday, but the other bubble teams lost too; I say Dayton is in.