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  • Adam Dennehey posted 2997 days ago

    Adam Dennehey

    Hi there, saw your comments on that article regarding B Senna's move to Campos. Know that somebody would probably also do one, but I've reviewed the 25 drivers over the course of the F1 season and wud be gr8 if u could comment on it. Big news today also regarding Bridgestone, so Michelin should come straight back in.

  • Kelly Crandall posted 3023 days ago

    Kelly Crandall

    I hope you "like" it.

  • Richard Everett posted 3024 days ago

    Richard Everett

    Hi Paige,
    Take a look at my article -,
    Feel free to comment

  • al asifyouknow posted 3041 days ago

    al asifyouknow

    I don't like requesting a read but this one is
    "You the Man, Know What I'm Sayin'? You the Man! Ain't Nobody Else. by al asifyouknow"

  • Patrick Allen posted 3047 days ago

    Patrick Allen

    lol, well the same goes for you mate. I've read a fair few of your comments now and although you disagree with people you're never rude or unpleasent.

    Now, you watch me listening to Johanthon Ledgard.....then you'll see the rudeness poor out!

    Thanks for that note on me board buddy

    Take care

  • Muffakham Shaheriyar posted 3048 days ago

    Muffakham Shaheriyar

    try this:

  • I3odacious posted 3049 days ago


    why the hell is there a fixed spot on the top articles in f1 for nfl or nba stuff? lol

  • Muffakham Shaheriyar posted 3061 days ago

    Muffakham Shaheriyar

    Just looking at the Belgian Grand Prix will tell you that this is a bon homie season.

    And amidst this torrid times THE FERRARI RACE SEATS have suddenly hotted up.

    Once there used to ba finallity that Schumi and Reubens will be racing next year but after this season we no nothing for certain.

    If ferrari weren't having enough troubles with the KERS then Reubens car parts suddenly decided to knock out his successor at ferrari Felipe Massa for good.And courtesy Reubens Brawn car parts we have Badoer racing(excuse me for saying racing actually he is checking if every cars backlight works or not..)

    Well we have to have a good drivers for next year. I would like you to your choices..

  • Muffakham Shaheriyar posted 3074 days ago

    Muffakham Shaheriyar

    Read this

  • Muffakham Shaheriyar posted 3076 days ago

    Muffakham Shaheriyar