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Zen and The Perfect JumpShot by GymAlien

I’ve always been in love with basketball. Since my grandma got me listening to Chick Hearn on the radio, way back in the late ’60′s. And then I really got excited about the Lakers during their 33 game win streak in the ’71-’72 season.
One day after years of playing and watching basketball, I found that I had really mastered the Art and Science of the Jump Shot. I decided that I wanted to write a book about what I had learned. I wanted to share my insights and try to help others find their own Perfect Jump Shot as I had…

Biography from the book: What’s a GymAlien? I guess I should tell you all (ha, ha, like anybody really gives a damn) why I use the name GymAlien. Jim Allen – Gym Allen – Gym Alien. Do I really need to say anything more? But I will anyway; I hate the term “Gym Rat” so I came up with Gym Alien to describe my life in the Basketball Gymnasium. I was there most of my free time; nearly every day, for hours. for many years of my life. And if not in a Gym, then on the outside courts, in the park, or school, or at a friends house on the ‘over the garage door’ hoop. But, I still couldn’t shoot worth a darn until years later. Actually I could shoot great with a gun; just not with a basketball in the early days of my basketball career…lol
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