Rob Ferguson

Rob Ferguson


I'm Rob, I'm 20, and a big football fan. I love the game no matter how its played and take an interest in football from all over the world. I support Manchester United and Southampton, but really I will watch any football available. My favourite footballing 'leagues' would be English, German, and Brazillian. I'm an Englishman with a rather pessimistic view of 'English' football. I have an interest in German football from living there for 5 years, and Brazilian football because the Brazilians play the game the way, in my view, how it should be played.

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  • Daniel Kaiser posted 2928 days ago

    Daniel Kaiser

    Thanks for your comment, Rob. I haven't been onle for a while and that's why it took me so long to reply. I wish Kevin Kerr all the best as far as his time at Bielefeld and in the Scottish national team is concerned. My English language skills used to be better at the time I had graduated from high school. A Bavarian Abitur is still worth something ;-). But the more you are into English, the more you realise how complicated the language becomes - as far as grammar is concerned.


  • Daniel Kaiser posted 2989 days ago

    Daniel Kaiser

    Damn. I had to edit my last comment, because I initially claimed that Lewis Holtby played for Bielefeld until I realized that he plays for Aachen instead. But now I have finally grasped why I made that mistake. I mixed Holtby up with Kevin Kerr - that young Scotsman who has just signed a contract for Bielefeld...

  • Daniel Kaiser posted 2990 days ago

    Daniel Kaiser

    Great article on Hoffenheim, Rob. I also see the long winter break and the loss of Ibisevic as the main reasons for Hoffenheim's poor performances in the last couple of weeks.

    By the way, what do you think of Lewis Holtby? Interesting player if you ask me, although it is probably too early to rate his potential. But as a son of a British service-man playing for Aachen he is surely a player to keep an eye on.

    Keep up your good work!