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Tariq Ahmad: “Leading expert in the field of sport management and leadership.”

This is what I would like to achieve within the next ten years. I provide excellent work ethic, great attention to detail, excellent peer-to-peer networking, fine business acumen, and good communication skills, among other traits and abilities.

My passion for sports began in 1988, at the age of nine. I would awaken at 5:30am every morning to watch the Summer Olympics live from Seoul, South Korea. Since this time, I realized my love for the sports was great, and it has continued to grow from that moment. I started reading sports history books, learning the rules of several sports by participating and watching, creating spreadsheets in relation to team statistics for the purpose of understanding the difference between winning and losing, and immersing myself in the sports culture, looking to make a future impact on the sport entity.

I grew up in Oklahoma City, OK. I've earned a BBA in MIS from the University of Oklahoma, and an MS in Sport Management from Northern Illinois University. I have over nine years of professional work experience, including four years in a management role.

The reason I am writing for Bleacher Report is because I am a Maven: I want to educate you about the Oklahoma City Thunder and provide you with information and analysis. I will not force you to like the Thunder, but just to make you more aware of the team and the bright future of the organization. Also, the stories, writers, and culture of Bleacher Report are outstanding, and I look forward to taking advantage of the many opportunities the organization has to offer.

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