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On loan from, 'It's where I go to get my sports information on the web daily' - Gib

A career as a jazz saxophonist ended early for Gib, the result of a complete lack of talent. Ditto for his attempt at a professional soccer career. Homeless and hungry, he turned his attention to the pen. Drifting from one crappy copy writing job to another, covering hot topics from state fair fried coca-cola contests to Innuit weaving techniques, he recently made the obvious leap into sports journalism.

For more, visit (Real Guys Holding Sports Accountable), or if you think A-Rod will return by All-Star Break, visit .

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  • Hey I would appreciate some input on my article: The Five Worst Sports Announcers in NY

  • Jersey Al Bracco posted 3180 days ago

    Jersey Al Bracco

    Bob Bradley must read Bleacher Report Articles:

  • Jersey Al Bracco posted 3181 days ago

    Jersey Al Bracco


    Bob Bradley must have read your comment on my Landon Donovan article. He put Donovan at winger with very good results. He also listened to me and started Jozy Altidore.

    We'll have to give him some more good suggestions... LOL


  • Jersey Al Bracco posted 3185 days ago

    Jersey Al Bracco

    Here's my first shot at a "soccer" article: Would love to hear your comments: