Brad Gagnon has been passionate about both sports and mass media since he was in diapers -- a passion that won't die until he's in them again. Based in Toronto, he's worked as a national NFL blog editor at theScore.com (covering Super Bowls XLIV, XLV and XLVI), a producer and writer at theScore Television Network and a host, reporter and play-by-play voice at Rogers TV. His work has also appeared at CBSSports.com, Deadspin, FoxSports.com, The Guardian, The Hockey News and Awful Announcing. He now covers the NFL nationally for B/R while continuing his quest to find DB Cooper.

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  • Brent Lindeman posted 44 days ago

    Brent Lindeman

    Best Free-Agents Bargains at every Position article... QB Brian Hoyer was with the Chicago Bears, not the Cleveland Browns...that was like 3-4 years ago bud

  • Morgan Flom posted 386 days ago

    Morgan Flom

    I would bet Raiders fans disagree with your take on Pacman. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1VJBmfyEg10

  • Nathan Ostrander posted 527 days ago

    Nathan Ostrander

    Your article on Flacco is complete garbage. Please name an established WR/TE he has to throw to other than Steve Smith. How about the fact he has had countless OC changes to deal with over the past 4 years. He tries to do too much because his WRs can't get open. You can't blame the Front Office either because they have $20+ million tied up in dead money from the wife-beater and Ngata.

  • Garrett O. posted 547 days ago

    Garrett O.

    why were you so low on the Cardinals in your rankings until this week?

  • B Bizzle posted 553 days ago

    B Bizzle

    Brad Gagnon, you're a flipping idiot and your article sounds like a kid throwing a temper tantrum. You have no business writing.

  • Joseph Kingsley posted 553 days ago

    Joseph Kingsley

    Have you really thought the Johnny Manziel thing thru? Let’s quickly sum up Manziel:

    1. Came out of college after only 2 years.
    2. Played in a pick-up, back yard style offense in college.
    3. Had well publicized issues with maturity and substance abuse.
    4. Just finished a lengthy stint of inpatient rehabilitation for substance abuse.
    5. Just finished a lengthy stint of inpatient rehabilitation for substance abuse.
    6. Just finished a lengthy stint of inpatient rehabilitation for substance abuse.

    Are you not familiar with the Tim Couch saga? You do know that QB’s can in fact be ruined? Forget about who gives the best chance to win this season, how about actually approaching his development in the right way? That is what you should be writing about. THAT IS THE ISSUE. You clearly have missed the forest for the trees. Which you shouldn’t have, considering Pettine has said over and over “We have a plan for Johhny’s development, and we are going to stick to it”. Tell me why these coaches, who are much closer to the situation than you, are going about his development the wrong way. Write a story about that – and don’t forget to mention why substance abuse isn’t a factor.

  • RT17 posted 693 days ago


    Really Good article on AFC East teams best shot

  • Anthony DeShaw posted 797 days ago

    Anthony DeShaw

    "Best claim to fame: Rain, Starbucks, grunge?"
    Correct Claims to fame: Microsoft, Boeing, Amazon.com?

    "Celebrities: Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Rainn Wilson"
    Correct Celebrities: Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Paul Allen, Bill Gates, Kenny G, Apolo Ohno

    C'mon son...

  • Braliesha posted 808 days ago


    you give me sports-gasms

  • Mark Fitzgerald posted 876 days ago

    Mark Fitzgerald

    Sure would LOVE a chance to meet YOU face to face bro!!