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  • I3odacious posted 3112 days ago


    nope. nem de nascar.

  • I3odacious posted 3113 days ago


    dependendo do estado e da cidade que voce mora, os EUA e legal. O sul nao e muito bom comparado com as outras partes do pais. Mas quasi ninguem aqui gosta da formula 1 ou futebol :-(

  • I3odacious posted 3115 days ago


    legal. o seu portugues ta muito bom cara hehe. Por enquanto eu moro nos estados unidos mas ja morei em Londres. talvez um dia eu volto. gostei muito de la.

  • I3odacious posted 3116 days ago


    hehe. voce e Brasileiro tambem?

    I appreciate you checkin out the music.


  • Abhishek Badwaik posted 3116 days ago

    Abhishek Badwaik

    I am extremely sorry for the mistake.

  • Billy Sexton posted 3190 days ago

    Billy Sexton

    You say he made mistakes, which driver on the grid does'nt???

    I'm saying he makes silly ones considering the car he has.

    Who made more Hamilton or Massa. OR who made more Massa or RAIKKONEN??????

    It isn't about other drivers, its about Massa's mistakes.

    you said Singapore, THE GREEN LIGHT CAME ON!!!! Do you even watch F1????

    Yes I do actually and I would argue that performances like australia, malaysia, britain, germany, japan cost him the title because he failed to score there. all he needed was a single point but instead we was spinning.

    you said he couldn't match Heidfeld, but could Kubica in 2007???

    No. but heinz herald frentzen got a podium for sauber, no wonder they dropped massa.

    Now everyone rates him. You say he couldn't match Fisichella, but Fisi has been racing for years and knows what to do in bad cars. Massa had been driving as a tester in 03 and had to switch back to race mode.

    Yeah but Fisichella could do exactly the same as massa's doin in a ferrari. The difference between drivers is what they can do in rubbish cars, not good ones. Vettel is a prime example.

    Talk about mistakes, well who hit some1 going 30MPH down a pitlane, who let Vettell pased when the championship was at Stake?????

    This isn't about Hamilton but the fact is that it didn't really matter in the end because he passed glock and won the championship and massa didn't.

    You talk about the car, What you think hamilton would be winning championships in a BMW or Force India??????????????????????????

    I think he would be winning in a BMW... do YOU watch F1? because you clearly aren't aware of the top three cars.

    The best guys get the best cars. You see whos is good in F1 when they win races in winning cars, BUT you see who's special when they win underpressure-
    Alonso Imola , Hamilton Silverstone.

    Yeah and when has Massa won under pressure or even won a race from the second row of the grid or furthur back? Don't say spa either.

    But when you win fighting for the championship, thats just class, never mind special, BUT when its the championship and your home race in the rain with your family, every1 whos helped you in your career your father mother brother sister wife, with 100,000 of your nation with millions of your countryman praying and hoping you can end the pain of Ayrton Senna's death, to accept defeat like a man, like a CHAMPION, well then your a top class pilot, never mind the machinery.
    Your 100% right, he's not a top driver, he a pilot, a hero.

    Surely its more special to go to your rivals back yard, with 100,000+ against you as well as most of the grid with the hopes of 12million back home waiting for you to cross the line 5th or higher with the hopes of your hard working family and team who havent won anything in over 10 years.

    and about the pain of Senna's death, i don't think the pain of the death of anybody goes away and the only healer is time. but thats my beliefs about something out of Formula One so lets leave it at that.