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Minnesota born and raised, I spend 8 years in Colorado before moving back to the home of the Vikings in 2008.

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  • Dan Israeli posted 2343 days ago

    Dan Israeli

    Hey Peter, when you get a chance, check out my new "Top 10 Value Picks" list for fantasy football. I remember you read my 09 version. Let me know if there's anyone I missed!

  • Tre Faaborg posted 3034 days ago

    Tre Faaborg

    you're on the money. besides Flacco I have Matt Ryan. I'll trade him for more quality at RB. I have a guy who wants him already. That's because my other RB's are Cadillac, Leon and Ahmad I need depth.

  • Tre Faaborg posted 3035 days ago

    Tre Faaborg

    check this trade offer I just got

    I give:
    Chris Johnson
    Roddy White

    I get:
    MB III

    I know MBarber is a compromise compared to C.J. but Brees and Colston are a big upgrade over Flacco/White.

  • Tre Faaborg posted 3037 days ago

    Tre Faaborg

    That was long I know. I also wanted to thank you for pointing me in the right direction. I took the ball and ran with it and now I honestly feel like I really know what the heck I'm doing, more than the average fantasy participant.

    Check out this trade I witnessed (but was no part of) in my church league:

    YYY dropped Earnest Graham
    YYY dropped Muhsin Muhammad
    YYY traded Marques Colston to XXX

    XXX traded Mike Bell to YYY
    XXX traded Patrick Crayton to YYY
    XXX traded Louis Murphy to YYY

    Trading Colston? The guy who gave him up was regretful the very next day. I veto'd the trade but it was upheld.

    I have guys trying to get my elites all the time...have no interest.

  • Tre Faaborg posted 3037 days ago

    Tre Faaborg

    Well Peter, I'm in 4 leagues this year, probably overextending myself compared to the one or two I usually am in. But I couldn't afford even the cheap pay league this year so I got into some free leagues. one is members from B/R actually, another from and another is guys from my church. The last one is a random one I signed up for and drafted super early because I was excited!

    In one of my leagues they decided on the draft late friday-before-labor-day and held the draft ON labor day while I hadn't turned my computer on since Friday afternoon. So I got auto drafted on that one.

    My other two ESPN leagues that I'm very competitive about (B/R league and my Church league) I have the following guys that I drafted:

    12 team non-ppr.
    Matt Ryan, C.J., Reggie Wayne, Roddy White, Dustin Keller, Chargers DST, Joe Nedney, Ahmad Bradshaw, Kevin Walter, Leon Washington, Anthony Gonzalez

    I was stacked at receiver, and still am especially with Chansi Stuckey and Louis Murphy picked up off waivers...though Gonzalez went down. I was stoked to have Wayne/White in the draft and the trade offers for one or both have rolled in daily. I'm noticing the sign of a good team sometimes are the amount of trade offers you get! I'm 2-0 in this league. I had Hasselbeck as a late round backup but grabbed Flacco and just released Hass due to his injury and wanting to pick up some guys.

    Church league:
    This was a 14 team PPR with a live draft at a buddy's house. I learned some valuable lessons about drafting with "average joes", like if everyone is taking QB's in the first and second rounds, you have to suck it up and jump on one.
    Joe Flacco, C.J., Ryan Grant, Leon, Greg Jennings, Nate Washington, Desean Jackson, Jason Witten, Packers DST, Josh Scobee, Anthony Gonzalez, Cedric Benson, Brett Favre (taken very late), Shonn Greene

    I ended up with Favre as my QB1 in draft because by the time I had done my "usual" order of RB/WR/RB/WR etc, there were so many value players I picked up ahead of ADP...but I was losing QB's available each round. Luckily I grabbed Flacco late, planning him as a backup and he's turned out nice as a starter for the most part. I'm loving having CJ and Grant as my RB's though I'm thin at WR. Jackson has been up and down, Washington is just healthy, Gonzalez on IR...I'm 2-0 in this league though and have little desires to trade anyone but my upside players for more quality depth at WR.

  • Benny Hsu posted 3037 days ago

    Benny Hsu

    As an AP fan, you might like what I just wrote.

    "A Look Back at the Six NFL Teams That Passed on Adrian Peterson."

    I'm sure you're glad they did!

  • Erik Frenz posted 3083 days ago

    Erik Frenz

    Hey, Peter-

    Thanks for the feedback on my article! This is the next in my series on the New England Patriots, where I go in-depth at the linebacker position. I'd greatly appreciate your input on the matter!

    Thanks again, Peter!


  • Kendrick Davis posted 3087 days ago

    Kendrick Davis

  • Alex Johnson posted 3093 days ago

    Alex Johnson

    Hey, I've got 2 new articles out today I think you'll enjoy.

    1. This one could be quite controversial. Find out what I think about all the hype around Michael Vick and why I feel the way I do:

    2. The debut of my first series breaks down the 32nd team in my NFL Power Rankings. Check out who it is and what I have to say: Also be sure to check in daily as the countdown continues.

  • Tre Faaborg posted 3107 days ago

    Tre Faaborg

    yeah, what I'm trying to get more in depth on now is how your pick now can affect what you get later. In other words sometimes you start to see that if you pick the less popular RB (who you might have right around the popular guy in your scoring) the next guy or two might take that popular RB and thus shift down a receiver a little further, etc. I just did one and ended up selling out on D-Will in the 9th pick, Andrew Johnson went next, followed by Slaton (my usual Rd 1 stud). I ended up not happy with my receivers, and so I'm trying to think even more in depth now.