Hello everyone, my name is JD, and there is only one thing you need to know about me. I am ALWAYS ready for some football. I love writing and reading about all things NFL related, and am not afraid to have or write about an opinion against the grain.

I also run the website for the popular football forum, The Gridiron Palace. If you have a similar NFL Forum, feel free to shoot us an affiliate request!

Love to meet and talk with all NFL fans, especially those considered the best around -- fans of the Green Bay Packers. Through my writing, I hope I can engage my readers and encourage them to seek truths that settle deeper below the surface of stories published by mainstream media sources such as ESPN and/or PFT.

Don't be afraid to think for yourself! Feel free to follow me on twitter (@JD_Packers4Life). Although I am still pretty new to it, so don't be too harsh on me.

Thank you and I hope to see you around!

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  • John Durst posted 2443 days ago

    John Durst

    And yet another one...


  • John Durst posted 2446 days ago

    John Durst

    And another one.


  • John Durst posted 2446 days ago

    John Durst

    J.D. Here's another one for you.


  • John Durst posted 2454 days ago

    John Durst

    I PM'ed you this one too, so it's already formatted for the home page, but I'm still gonna put it here so you can see it in the slide show format.


  • Zach Kruse posted 3244 days ago

    Zach Kruse

    Hey JD, I see you just joined B/R. I can tell you know football, but please refrain from using personal attacks on articles. You can put together a fine argument without doing that.

    Thanks alot, and good luck on b/r (first article?),

    Zach Kruse
    Green Bay Packers Community Leader