Jason Turner

Jason Turner


Hey folks...I think this is where most people choose to write about themselves in 3rd person format, but I made myself a promise years ago never to walk down that road...

My name is Jason Turner. I am from the Dallas area and loyal to all of my local teams. I would am a Dallas Cowboys die hard, with more than enough room on my sports plate for plenty of the little Rangers, and Texas Longhorns, and a side of NASCAR.

When it comes to the NBA I find myself torn between the hometown team, and my childhood sweetheart, the Chicago Bulls. Hopefully they are both playing in the Finals in a few months, and you can all see my head explode.

Primarily, my articles will be focusing on all things NFL and fantasy football. I've watched as much football as humanly possible since I was watched my first game on January 27, 1986. (Super Bowl XX). I've been playing fantasy football since the 1989 season.

After a two year hiatus from Bleacher Report, I have returned to resume my hobby of writing about all things sports.

Thanks for dropping by...

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  • robert a posted 3101 days ago

    robert a


    Got a new Cowboys one for you if your interested...


  • Josh Nelson posted 3165 days ago

    Josh Nelson

    Brandon, thats what makes the pic!!!

    14-1 best ever in the Greatest FFL ever assembled

  • Jason Turner posted 3172 days ago

    Jason Turner

    Look how little those rings are on my Fred Flinstone fingers! hahaha

  • Brandon McBride posted 3173 days ago

    Brandon McBride

    T, that pic would be sooo sweet if Josh wasn't in the reflection.

  • Derek posted 3174 days ago



  • Derek posted 3174 days ago


    Check out this kid's archives:


  • Derek posted 3178 days ago


    Are you sure your favorite all-time sports moment wasn't me drubbing you in basketball in our driveway? Oh wait, that would be a moment that lasted from the time I was 11 until.... now.