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Lifelong Pats man who has lived on the west coast most of his life. Born in RI and supplanted to the north SF Bay area when a young child. Has enjoyed the weather and put up with the Raider and 49er fans.

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  • T.A posted 3013 days ago


    Game Plan: New England Patriots vs. Buffalo Bills.


  • Andrew Cahill posted 3041 days ago

    Andrew Cahill

    You HAVE to check this out.


  • Cody Swartz posted 3083 days ago

    Cody Swartz

    Adrian Peterson is arguably the best running back in the NFL. Even as an Eagles fan, I love to watch him play.

    But the Vikings better be sure not to overwork him in the upcoming years...


  • Cody Swartz posted 3099 days ago

    Cody Swartz

    There's still another year of football left to be played this decade.

    But it's never too early for a list. Here is my NFL All-Decade team, position by position. Let me know what you think...


  • Glenn Card posted 3100 days ago

    Glenn Card

    Had to get back to what I enjoy most, humor. This one is a little acidic as well.
    It's a Patriots call to arms.

  • Terry Robinson posted 3122 days ago

    Terry Robinson

    hey brother, where ya been? training camp is just around the corner... hope you haven't been converted by your surroundings...;>7

  • Andrew Cahill posted 3137 days ago

    Andrew Cahill

    The Patriots were cheated out of Super Bowl XXXXII


  • Andrew Cahill posted 3137 days ago

    Andrew Cahill

    What else would you ask the Patriots new corner back, Darius Butler?


    FYI, ↓ = coo coo

  • Bleacher Report posted 3144 days ago

    Bleacher Report

    William, while you are certainly entitled to the right of defending Brady -- I am also entitled to the right of stating what I believe.

    I own my bias, because I willingly tell people that I loathe everything about the New England Patriots. Any person that claims to be unbiased is a liar. However, you can still make fair argument based on the rules of sophistry. No one can truly escape their own bias, but they can make an effort to be fair to their opponent with rules of sophistry.

    I apologize if you feel loathed because of that, but it is ultimately your choice to be a Patriots fan, as it is my choice to revile the Patriots organization.

    I despise those who have defended the Patriots for cheating because "everybody does it.” If you can prove that 'everybody does it’, why is not every team penalized? Thus, in order to defend the vile Patriots, one must defame the other 31 teams for something that you cannot prove.

    "Why does it matter -- and prove the affects?” Here you go. In watching nearly every New England postseason game since 2001, every time it is the same deal. The Patriots offense looks like slop, until they *magically* pull together a winning drive.

    As I see it, the Patriots merely hustle the opponent as long as possible, stealing signals as they go; until they *magically* pull together a winning drive. Gee, I wonder why they could muster perfect drives on offense after looking like slop.

    As I see it, Brady has cheated his own son, and is just a microcosm of what Brady and the Pats have done to millions of NFL fans, many of whom are innocent children.
    I also remain convinced that -- when white people cheat, people make excuses. For example, the public knew Mark McGwire used steroids in 1998 yet the public did not care even after he broke the single-season HR record. In 2001, Barry Bonds broke the same record -- and fans started to cry foul. People make excuses of 'legal' or 'illegal' as excuse for their hatred of the black man, when the reality is, both McGwire and Bonds did the same thing in creating a false image of being naturally gifted. For most of Bonds' career, he did not use steroids and weighed around 180 before shooting up to 220. If you ask me, Bonds merely became jealous of the attention that McGwire received and thus did the same thing, thinking that the public did not care. I still remember the home run race in July of 1998, when it was considered between Bonds, McGwire and Sammy Sosa before Bonds fell off the radar. So he saw how McGwire did it, and did the same. Bonds must have thought racism was dead, when it truly is still kicking and screaming.

    In a qualitative twist, it's funny that Tom Brady and Barry Bonds went to the same high school. Yet, the public will rail about Barry Bonds, but make excuses for Brady because, "everybody does it.” What is the difference because apparently many people cheated with steroids, not just Bonds? Bonds stole records, and Brady stole championships.
    Moreover, the public has not reacted towards Roger Clemens as the public as to Bonds. If you ask me, it is just sublimated racism. If you think that is just nonsense then consider that, the Republican Party of Lee Atwater INTENTIONALLY sublimated the racism of the South. By the way, Karl Rove learned his tactics from Atwater.

    Atwater, having come from South Carolina, understood the politics of the South. He knew that voters would vote for Democrats even though they were deeply racist. And as far his concern went, he just wanted to win. Therefore, instead of using the n-word, he replaced it with "states rights" and "forced busing." Moreover, Atwater intentionally made political hay from the case of Willie Horton – a convicted murderer – who had committed murder while on furlough from a Massachusetts prison under Governor Michael Dukakis. Atwater knew that the ad was to sublimate racism by making people think they were just rejecting a criminal -- when really they were just scared of black people.

    Why do you have to paint a big picture of racism, are just some bleeding heart? Because the reality is, people are still racists in this country, they just convenient excuses.

    Look at Pete Prisco of Sportsline.com. He once made a list of "Best Offenses in NFL History" and refused to consider the 1999 Vikings (second best in terms of numbers and had Randy Moss, just as the 2007 Patriots did). And the 1999 Vikings *coincidentally* were dominated by black people (Dennis Green, Daunte Culpepper, Robert Smith, Cris Carter, Randy Moss, Korey Stringer). Nevertheless, it did not fit Prisco's vision of (fill in the blank).
    I am no bleeding heart either.

    I will verbally lacerate any cretin of an insipid mind.

  • Andrew Cahill posted 3149 days ago

    Andrew Cahill

    A Story From A True Patriots Fan...check this one out...