Abdallah Awwad

Abdallah Awwad


I was born in the chicagoland area. Im of palestinian descent. Im a sunni muslim. My favorite players are Julius Peppers, Luol Deng, and Chris Sale.

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  • Indians Fan posted 1500 days ago

    Indians Fan

    Bulls are doing good this season

  • Long gone posted 1503 days ago

    Long gone


  • MARLINS . posted 1673 days ago



  • Jacklyn Stevens posted 1677 days ago

    Jacklyn Stevens

    The thing is, Sanchez may not produce at the plate. He really needs to work on the bat. I don't see much from his bat in the future. He's young, so hopefully he can work on his contact because the power will not be there. Beckham, on the other hand, is a better defensive player & has some pop.

    The difference between Thompson & those other two is that those other two players raked in the minors. They weren't hitting at or below .250 like Thompson. I still like Thompson, but I still think we drafted him too early in the 2nd. He could've probably been there in the 3rd or 4th.

    Yeah, Mitchell & Walker were wastes of 1st rounders. I will never forgive KW for drafting Mitchell over Trout. I was yelling at my TV. I do believe Mitchell would've been a starter for our team right now if he didn't get injured during his first professional year. He looked like the real deal & has never been the same. The speed isn't there anymore. He really could've been a star.

    The Walker pick puzzled me. Walker, who was drafted in the 3rd to last round the previous year, was not worth a supplementary 1st round pick. What makes matters worse, we lost our first rounder because we signed Adam Dunn that year....

    Viciedo isn't a 1st baseman either. We signed him as a 17-year old 3rd baseman with a cannon. I do not trust him handling throws in the dirt. Well, he could probably play the position better than Konerko this season.

    true, Barnum could be our future DH, but we'll have to wait maybe 5 years for him to reach the show.

    Did you read that ridiculous article about trading Rios to the Yankees for trash? Yankees do not have any real "prospects." They never do. That's why they always signed players.

  • Jacklyn Stevens posted 1679 days ago

    Jacklyn Stevens

    I wrote like a page long analysis, but my page refreshed automatically :( So this one will probably be short & quick to the point.

    Johnson has surgery on his elbow while he was at Indiana which was a blessing in disguise because it allowed the White Sox to draft him the 9th round. Though, I am not sure if it was the elbow on his throwing arm, he missed a lot of games. I'm sure his arm strength hhas increased, but he'd probably best suited for 2nd.

    Tim Anderson is our SS of the future. I love what I've seen & heard about him. He certainly seems to have a great work ethic. Months before the draft, before his name raised on draft boards & was invited to the draft, no one thought he even had a chance to be drafted. He said he just wants to be drafted & will work hard for whatever team invests a draft pick & he doesn't care if it was the first or last round. "All he needs is a team to give him a chance" is what his college coach said. From that, I look for him to improve on one of his two glaring weaknesses. Both kind of go hand in hand, so it will be easier for him. I do look for him to improve that arm. The power is what worries me a little, but I really would not care if it doesn't. If he can at least hit .285+ as a leadoff hitter, as I expect him to be, we'll be alright. The 2nd base position is currently a little confusing. It will be interesting as the season goes along. All of these prospects' bats haven't woken up yet, but hopefully they will. Sanchez, Semien, Johnson & DeMichele will compete for the 2nd base position of the future. I don't know when that would be because Beckham is pretty valuable to this team. With all of this competition, Sanchez & Johnson may be traded. Sanchez reminds me a little of Eduardo Escobar, a quicker than fast SS that can field, but lacks power. Sanchez is better & that should intrigue teams. Johnson is someone teams are probably just hearing about. That could be a good thing. DeMichele being a 3rd rounder will give him leeway if he struggles a bit. Semien is someone the front office likes. Don't you keep hearing Hawk raving about Semien? lol

    I am against moving Courtney Hawkins to 3rd. He will probably be a corner OF in the big leagues. He just needs to cut down the strike outs & chase pitches. He's got 5-tool potential unlike Mitchell & Walker. Thompson also has 5-tool potential, but can't figure out how to put them all together. I feel that with the experience Gillaspie is gaining, he may be the 3rd baseman for maybe 5 years. He's been impressive for the expectations that were set for him.

    I do remember you mentioning that you think Tank will replace Konerko at 1st. Though that may be the case next season & the next couple of seasons, as maybe Danks or Mitchell finally get a chance to show what they can do with playing time, Viciedo's arm is too good to keep at 1st. Plus, I really really like Keon Barnum. I just wish he'd recover from his injury already & play.

    I lied, this was pretty long, but not as long as the other one :(

  • Jacklyn Stevens posted 1681 days ago

    Jacklyn Stevens

    Ventura isn't a bad coach. He just should've coached in the minors first or been named the hitting coach. Baustista has been killing the White Sox, but Reed left that slider hanging. It's really his fault. With a 1-2 count, he needs to throw the slider in the dirt. This team is really making it hard to be a fan.

  • Jacklyn Stevens posted 1681 days ago

    Jacklyn Stevens

    Oh okay! Tell me why I knew Bautista was going to homer off of Reed. smh

  • Jacklyn Stevens posted 1681 days ago

    Jacklyn Stevens

    I have no idea. Anyone can report someone for no reason & BR will suspend their account...

  • Jacklyn Stevens posted 1681 days ago

    Jacklyn Stevens

    lol, I had to. My account got suspended.

  • Jacklyn Stevens posted 1681 days ago

    Jacklyn Stevens

    Hey, I just wanted to let you know that this is C'mon Man. I bet you didn't think I was a girl! lol