Arnold Sports Festival Results 2023: Sunday Results, Highlights and Reaction

Francisco RosaMarch 6, 2023

Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger speaks during a press event at the 2023 CES event in Las Vegas, Nevada, US, on Wednesday, Jan. 4, 2023. For the first time, CES has a theme: how technology is addressing the world's biggest challenges. Photographer: Bridget Bennett/Bloomberg via Getty Images
Bridget Bennett/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The 35th Arnold Sports Festival came to a close Sunday at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio. The event saw some of the world's best bodybuilding and weightlifting athletes compete over four days.

While some of the bigger competitions, such as the strongman/strongwoman and the Arnold Classic, already passed, Sunday still had plenty of exciting moments that showed off incredible feats of strength.

Sunday's headliner was the ROGUE Record Breakers event.

Started in 2015, ROGUE Record Breakers is a series that has athletes participate in unique competitions to show off their strength and attempt to break the event's previous record.

If any of the participants break records—as several did Sunday—they get to take home a cash prize.

Here are the full results from Sunday.

Dinnie Stone Walk:

  • Kevin Faires sets record of 31'7".
Rogue Fitness @RogueFitness

🚨NEW RECORD🚨<br><br>Kevin Faires breaks his previous Rogue Record in the Men's Replica Dinnie Stone Walk, carrying the 733LB stones a total distance of 31FT 7IN. <a href="https://t.co/7AqpAqFkHE">pic.twitter.com/7AqpAqFkHE</a>

Dinnie Stone Hold:

  • Gabi Dixson sets record of 6.86 seconds.
Rogue Fitness @RogueFitness

🚨NEW RECORD🚨<br><br>Gabi Dixson sets a new Rogue Record in the Women's Replica Dinnie Stone Hold with a time of 6.86 seconds. <a href="https://t.co/jCoLWGpxbw">pic.twitter.com/jCoLWGpxbw</a>

Thor's Hammer Hold (M):

  • Trey Mitchell sets record of 63 seconds.

Thor's Hammer Hold (W):

  • Gabi Dixson sets record of 49.15 seconds.
Rogue Fitness @RogueFitness

🚨NEW RECORD🚨<br><br>Trey Mitchell sets a new Rogue Record in the Thor's Hammer Forward Hold with a time of 63 seconds. <br><br>Gabi Dixson holds the 50LB Thor's Hammer for 49.15 seconds for a new women's Forward Hold record.<a href="https://t.co/HDH7fqcBj0">https://t.co/HDH7fqcBj0</a> <a href="https://t.co/4EgBCwdg6q">pic.twitter.com/4EgBCwdg6q</a>

Stone over Bar:

  • Trey Mitchell sets record of five reps.
Rogue Fitness @RogueFitness

Congratulations to Trey Mitchell for lifting the 460LB stone for 5 reps and setting a new Rogue Record in the Men's Stone Over Bar event. <a href="https://twitter.com/hashtag/ryourogue?src=hash&amp;ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">#ryourogue</a> <a href="https://t.co/IWdf9XGNJ7">pic.twitter.com/IWdf9XGNJ7</a>

Mitchell and Dixson were clearly the biggest winners of the day, setting two records apiece. It was a particularly good day for Mitchell, who redeemed himself after coming up just shy of the podium in the Arnold Strongman Classic.

Mitchell led the ASC for the majority of the event, but a bad performance in the Timber Frame Carry cost him a spot in the top three. He ended up beating ASC winner Mitchell Hooper in the hammer hold event, so he got some revenge.

Mitchell beat his own previous record of a 60.72-second hold of the 65-pound hammer.

Dixson was dominant as well, winning the Dinnie stone hold and the hammer hold. She shattered the previous Dinnie stone record of 1.33 seconds set last year by Chloe Brennan.

She beat out Nadia Stowers, who set the record first with 5.69 seconds before being topped.

Meanwhile, Faires beat his own record in the Dinnie stone walk, which he set last year. He beat his previous record, 25'8" by a wide margin.