WWE: Is CM Punk Responsible for the Lack of Ratings?

Michael Guadalupe@The_GuadaFeatured ColumnistOctober 10, 2012

Photo courtesy of WWE
Photo courtesy of WWE

Over the last couple of weeks, Monday Night Raw has been experiencing some record low ratings.  With Cena out, it's up to the current WWE Champion to help keep ratings up.

Is CM Punk responsible for the lack of ratings, though?

Should the WWE Champion be the one to take the blame for record low viewers, or is it something else in the WWE?

When Cena was champion after all, RAW ratings were higher than they are now.

Low ratings aren't anything new this year for the WWE, though. Even in the beginning of the year, RAW faced record low ratings while Punk was champion.

If this has been the year of CM Punk. Does that mean he is the reason ratings have been so low?

Fortunately for Punk, he has nothing to do with low ratings. Instead, the WWE needs to be blaming themselves and their general lack of creativity for whatever ratings they end up drawing when Monday Night Raw is over. 

No Cena Is Bad for Business

John Cena helps boost RAW ratings. Whether you're a fan of him or not, there is no denying that he is good for business. Unfortunately, though, even super human John Cena can get injured and does need time to recover.

So when Cena isn't wrestling, and appears now and then while he is recovering, of course ratings are going to be low.

Not having John Cena around also exposes other problems in the WWE.

With so much focus around Cena as a babyface, what would happen if he did get injured?

Now we know.

With Cena potentially missing out on the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view, the WWE seems lost and confused about what to do in order to replace Cena. It's the WWE's own fault.

They have invested so much time in Cena and turned him into a main event babyface that they now have no other main event faces to replace him, especially after turning Punk heel.

So with Punk being the top heel, who would the WWE book against him in case Cena does miss Hell in a Cell?


Mick Foley?

Maybe Randy Orton?

The WWE has failed in creating solid face wrestlers, and now since Cena is out, it's becoming even more obvious.

Low ratings should be blamed on Cena not being able to compete, and the lack of face wrestlers who could be brought up in his place.

Not CM Punk.

Lack of Creativity

Cena being absent from in-ring action could explain the recent low ratings, but what about the other low ratings throughout the year?

Did the WWE bother to consider the storyline with John Laurinaitis and a lack of creativity as reason for ratings to drop?

Punk, if anything, has had great rivalries so far this year with wrestlers like Jericho and Daniel Bryan.  These were some of the best feuds all year, with memorable moments like Jericho breaking a bottle over Punk's head, and believing he caught Punk drinking at a pub.

Bryan and Punk put on fantastic matches, especially their brawl at Over the Limit. Clearly then, Punk shouldn't be the blame for low ratings throughout certain parts of the year.

Instead, the WWE should consider that no one really cared about Cena's feud with John Laurinaitis or the Big Show.

Overall creativity, though, has been something lacking from Monday Night Raw.

Looking at this past Monday Night Raw for example, why would anyone bother to watch the first half hour? We saw a typical Ryback squash match and R-Truth with his invisible pre-teen friend, little Jimmy, dance with Brodus Clay.

Did anyone find the first half hour enjoyable?

If anything RAW was finally worth watching once Punk came out during Vince McMahon’s speech and gave one of his fantastic heel promos.

They need to be more creative overall, and use more of their talent pool on RAW. How many times can we see the same wrestlers over and over again before it becomes stale and boring?

Monday Night Football and Other Fall Shows

A basic lack of ratings can easily be blamed on Monday night itself. Going up against Monday Night Football alone will take some of the ratings away from RAW.

It's a simple concept the WWE really should take into consideration. Some Monday night football games have the potential to be extremely good, so without a doubt fans of both wrestling and football might stay focused more on ESPN on Monday nights than on the USA network. 

Throw in other networks and their new fall programming such as Revolution, and even more ratings will be taken away from Monday Night RAW. 

Punk Makes the Product Better

It seems easy to blame Punk for the lack of ratings. Since he is the WWE Champion, the easy argument would be that he just isn't interesting enough for people to want to tune in to RAW.

While it's true that Punk is not a typical champion when compared to previous champs like John Cena or Hulk Hogan, Punk has had a fantastic year, cutting some of the best promos, playing both the face and heel role, and having some of the best matches of the year.

Punk has only made the WWE product better than it normally would have been.

Punk is not responsible for the lack or ratings.

Instead, the WWE is to blame for creating a lackluster product that people simply don't want to watch.


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