New York Yankee: 5 Players Who Might Be Replaced This Offseason

Brian Buckley@brianbuck13Contributor IIOctober 25, 2012

New York Yankee: 5 Players Who Might Be Replaced This Offseason

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    In spring training, the majority of the baseball landscape would co-sign for a season that ended in the American League Championship Series.  To be one of the four remaining teams in the league is without a doubt a dubious distinction.

    But when a season that had so much promise became a traveling circus in a New York minute, we all knew something wasn’t right.

    After claiming the best record in the American League, the wheels fell from off their hinges for the New York Yankees.  Seemingly overnight, they went from the penthouse to the outhouse, all the while starring in a national soap opera.

    Undoubtedly, this team will look different and familiar faces will be given a one way ticket to elsewhere.

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Andruw Jones

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    I realize his importance was that of a bench player, but Andruw Jones’ impact was big enough to bring back for 2012.

    That won’t happen again in 2013.

    After being inked for a one-year deal in 2011, Jones managed to put up modest numbers in a limited role batting .247 with 13 dingers.  The Yanks were smitten and brought him back for a second year, in which he quickly became an afterthought.

    Sure, he started the year well, but as the season progressed Jones’ numbers dipped into a dreadful territory and was quickly out shined by fellow reservist Raul Ibanez.

    Jones knows his career is on life support, so it won’t be a surprise to him.  Because even bench-wise the Bombers need to get younger than an old-timer like Jones.

Alex Rodriguez

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    It’s the grandest scene a Yankee fan can imagine when the “truck is backing up." 

    Regardless of your allegiance to Alex Rodriguez, we can all agree that his bloated contract is an eyesore and a hindrance to the Yankee payroll.  And that lasts until 2017…Read that again, just so it fully sinks in.

    After the “Benchings heard round the world” in the ALCS, the rumors of A-Rod’s departure from Gotham became louder and louder.  Even with the Yankees still alive, the trade whispers to Miami had picked up serious steam.

    Unloading Rodriguez is a tricky scenario to say the least, but I think the Yankees have something up their sleeve.  Getting rid of that salary appears to be a daunting task like Obama and Romney drunkenly clubbing together. 

    But, after a disappointing metamorphosis in Miami, don't be surprised if the Marlins try to make a second attempt at a splash with the hometown boy.

Curtis Granderson

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    No one is saying moving Curtis Granderson is a must do.  For those of you with a short memory, he did hit 43 home runs last year.  But his batting average dipped so low it bordered on embarrassing and the postseason became a whole other kind of animal for the 31 year-old center fielder.

    Watching the Grandyman attempt to hit balls repeatedly thrown in the dirt became outright painful for Yankees to watch night after night.  If someone had told you this man hit 43 home runs during the regular season you would suggest that narrator be committed.

    After 12 years in the majors, he has never possessed the most immaculate batting average, but this year’s mark of .232 was a career low.  The Yanks have a team option, which is rumored to have already been picked up.  However, that doesn’t exclude him from possible trade talk. 

    I’d be surprised if this Granderson offseason ends with just this much attention.

Joba Chamberlain

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    Arriving on the season like a modern-day folk hero, he'll most likely exit New York with questions of “what could have been."

    Throughout his Yankee campaign, Joba Chamberlain might as well lived a lifetime.  From the midges to the Joba Rules to trampolines, Chamberlain’s ride has been rocky to say the least.

    Taking all that into consideration, it would probably be in the Yankees best interest to part ways with the erratic and oft injured reliever.  Even with his tender age of 27, the Yanks might have definitely ruined the right-hander and his value has dropped to abominable lows.

    His recovery time from a described “grotesque ankle-injury” was remarkable, but his performance was hardly that.  In 22 appearances, his ERA was nearly four and half and barely instilled any confidence in pressure situations.

    With his free agent status this year, look for the Yanks to wipe their hands clean of their own creation: a lost talent with no direction to go.

Nick Swisher

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    Even after game 162, it was safe to say Nick Swisher wouldn’t be wearing Yankee pinstripes next year.  Yes, the right fielder posted another impressive year (.272/24/93), but with the Yankees looking to cut costs, the rumors of his “Jayson Werth-like” demands were going to be too rich.

    Then Swisher’s ugly October head once again reared its face.

    In thirty four 2012 postseason at-bats, Swisher managed just five measly hits.  Five hits that could not come close to make up for the abysmal playoff performances Swisher has produced year after year.

    To put the cherry on the top of the sundae, Swisher called out the fans because they let him know his play was unbecoming.   After basking in the glow of fandom during the good times, apparently Swish couldn’t handle the heat when things went south.

    In hopes of draft picks, the Yankees may offer him arbitration.  When you take on the fans, you never win.  They need to cross a line through Swisher’s name and move on completely, just in case he takes the arbitration bait.