Jets vs. Jaguars: Instant Grades, Analysis for Jacksonville

Patrick Minton@@PatrickMintonContributor IIDecember 9, 2012

Jets vs. Jaguars: Instant Grades, Analysis for Jacksonville

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    The Jets have sealed the 17-10 win with a Ellis Lankster interception that ended a late game threat from Chad Henne and the Jacksonville Jaguars.  Both teams moved the ball significantly better in the second half. The Jets were able to use the rushing game to put two touchdowns on the board, a feat they have had trouble with recently.  Henne had some good moments and made some excellent throws on the last drive. His receivers did not help him, as the unit had a lot of drops today.

Chad Henne Final Grade: C

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    Chad Henne vs. the Jets and his old coach Tony Sparano has turned in to quite the storyline this week.

    Henne has shown that he can certainly play in this league. Similar to Mark Sanchez's situation right now, he does not have much talent around him.  With injuries crippling the Jaguars offense, Henne is going to shoulder the load and must make some big plays today.

    Quarter 1 Grade: B

    Henne has moved the ball rather well. Henne has targeted Blackmon and it has served him well, a productive run game has aided his success.  When you see the stat line, it will show an interception but Henne was hit while throwing and has looked very good in the first quarter.

    Quarter 2 Grade: B-

    Henne has shown his big arm all half and missed the one shot he took downfield to Blackmon with Cromartie covering him well. As a team the Jaguars have to be upset that they haven't put up more points against the struggling Jets.  Henne was able to move the ball but it is still only a one score game. They get the ball after half. Look for them to take some more shots downfield in the hopes of a touchdown rather than field goal attempts.

    Quarter 3 Grade: C

    Chad Henne has had some trouble moving the ball. He didn't have it for much time this quarter because the Jets were so effective driving the ball using the run.  After the Jets drove the field the Jaguars could have really used a first down to halt momentum and give their defense some rest.  The Jets defense is gaining more and more confidence as the game progresses. Henne must take some wind out of their sails with a big play.

    Final Grade: C

    Chad Henne has a NFL arm and really showed some positive aspects of his game today, but they were unable to put enough points on the board to come away with a win.  The defense gave the offense opportunities to score off turnovers they forced, but Henne was unable to capitalize.  

    Henne showed his chemistry with first round talent Justin Blackmon, who hasn't had as productive a year as the team would have hoped.  The duo worked well together early on, but for the most part the New York secondary played very well.

Offense Final Grade: C

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    The Jacksonville offense was never very potent to begin with. Injuries have not helped their cause, and they will be extremely shorthanded going into today's game.  Cecil Shorts, Rashad Jennings, Maurice Jones-Drew will all be inactive today, leaving Henne with a bare cabinet of talent.

    Quarter 1 Grade: B

    Henne has thrown the ball well and worked it to Blackmon even though Cromartie is on the coverage. Owens has shown a spark and the ability to keep the chains moving.  The offensive line has held up. Henne had a red zone turnover, but it was a great play by the Jets linebacker McIntyre.  Look for the Jaguars to take some more shots downfield after establishing the run game.

    Quarter 2 Grade: B-

    Montell Owens has run the ball very effectively inside the tackles. He manages to find seams and is hitting the holes very quickly.  Jacksonville has made it clear it is getting the ball to Blackmon, but the Jets defense has refused to break.  Offensive line has held its own. Beyond the play where Henne was hit and threw an interception, the Jets have not been able to pressure him much.

    Final Grade: C

    Chad Henne had some bright spots, and it seems he deserves to be the starter in Jacksonville. However, there is no talent surrounding him.  Granted the offense was decimated with injuries. Montell Owens is the fourth string running back and will never be confused with Maurice Jones-Drew.  His receivers dropped numerous balls at crucial points in the game. Nevertheless Henne had his team in position to tie the game on the final drive.  This team will have better games ahead of them once they are healthier and learn to make the easy plays.

Defense Final Grade: D

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    The Jaguars defense will look to be opportunistic today with Mark Sanchez across the ball from them. Sanchez has shown that if you pressure him, he has trouble taking care of the ball. He may be the easiest quarterback in the league to force turnovers against.

    Pass rushers must be relentlessly swiping for the ball when Sanchez is in traffic, and the secondary must be aggressive when the ball is in the air.  The pass defense has struggled this season, but if they can get the Jets off the field with a few three and outs, New York's offensive unit has shown they can lose confidence quickly.

    Quarter 1 Grade: B+

    The defense has not gotten much pressure on Sanchez, but mostly because he has gotten the ball out of his hands quickly.  Keeping the Jets confidence low is key, they have been able to do that so far because of their stout run defense.  Shonn Greene has not been able to do much at all. If Jacksonville can plug the run, they might just be able to force Sanchez to the air.

    Quarter 2 Grade: A

    They have been able to keep the Jets off the field. They have shut down their entire offense.  The Jets cannot get anything going, and the Jaguars have been able to force turnovers which more times than not will result in a win.  Jacksonville is near the bottom of the league against the pass and the run, but you wouldn't know it watching this game.

    Quarter 3 Grade: D

    They surrendered a touchdown to the Jets, the first Jets' points in Mark Sanchez's last 17 drives. Granted a bulk of the productivity was Shonn Greene and Bilal Powell, but it will no doubt open the pass game up for the struggling Sanchez.  The defense looks tired, rightfully so. The Jets have showed they are on a mission to run the ball often in this second half.

    Final Grade: D

    The Jacksonville defense only let up 17 points, a number that would have you near the top of the league in defenses if you did it consistently.  However, the Jets offense was completely one dimensional and very transparent that they were going to line up and run the ball.  It seems as though everyone in the stadium knew the Jets were going to run, and yet, the Jaguars couldn't do a thing about it.

    Sanchez had failed to put points on the board for 17 straight drives and then he came out and put up 17 points in the second half, a discouraging half for the Jacksonville defense.

Special Teams Final Grade: B

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    These two teams are not exactly flaunting top-ranked offenses. This game may be a field position battle for much of the day.  If that is the case, the most important thing the Jaguars must do is protect the ball and be smart with decision making.  Ideally, pinning the Jets back in their own territory will make it harder for an already struggling unit.

    Mike Westhoff, the Jets special teams coach, has been the best in the business for a long time.  The Jets would love nothing more then to make a big play on special teams.  With Tim Tebow active for this game in his hometown, will Westhoff draw up a patented fake punt?  The Jaguars unit must be alert.

    Quarter 1 Grade: B

    This aspect of the game has not played much of a factor up to this point. Both teams have punted well. No field goals or extra points have been attempted. Look for these units to have a big impact on the game eventually, it seems as though touchdowns may be hard to come by for both teams.

    Quarter 2 Grade: C-

    Jacksonville has kicked a field goal on fourth down instead of going for the conversion. This is the lone score of the game and as of now has the Jaguars up 3-0.  They have also punted very well, pinning the Jets inside the 10-yard line. They missed an opportunity to put additional points on the board missing a field goal with time expiring in the half.

    Quarter 3 Grade: C

    Jacksonville came extremely close to blocking a punt near the Jets end zone that could have easily given them the lead.  Otherwise, the special teams play has been sound and relatively quiet.

    Final Grade: B

    Jacksonville came excruciatingly close to blocking numerous punts today, plays that certainly would have changed the dynamic of this game dramatically.  For the most part it was a quiet game on the special teams front, but they have to feel pretty good about the pressure they generated on the punter. If you continue to pressure like that you are bound to get blocks and for a team struggling to score like today, those plays can win you a game.

Mike Mularkey Final Grade: B

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    Mike Mularkey is 2-10 in his first year as the Jaguars head coach and goes into this matchup against the Jets hoping to exploit the teams inability to move the ball on offense.  Unfortunately for the Jaguars, they're defense hasn't exactly been great at doing that.  Henne has had some success in the past against the Jets, Mularkey must figure out a way to shut down Sanchez and the Jets run game.  New York has shown the ability to blow out bad teams this year, he must not let Sanchez gain confidence and momentum.

    Quarter 1 Grade: A

    Mularkey and the Jaguars have kept the Jets offense off the field and kept their confidence low.  Henne has moved the ball well and the play calling has kept the defense on their heels. It was a costly turnover in the red zone but signs are pointing to the Jaguars offense moving the ball rather well this game.  Owens has shown a spark and the Jets have been unable to move the chains.

    Quarter 2 Grade: B

    Considering the Jaguars lost the game and it wasn't an extremely impressive showing from the team, Mularkey actually coached pretty effectively.  Unfortunately, he does not have much talent on either side of the ball to execute to the extent he would like.  The offensive calls for the most part put the team in a position to be successful but drops plagued the offense and killed drives.  Their defense played better then expected in the first half, but the Jets dedicated themselves to the run in the second half and Jacksonville didn't have an answer for it.

    Quarter 3 Grade: C

    Mularkey needs to find a way to put some points on the board. This game is right there for the taking for either team.  The Jets defense has settled in and are not surrendering big run plays anymore. The Jaguars must find a big play in the pass game over the top, perhaps try another down the field throw to Blackmon.