The Real Reason Bret Hart Left the WWE To Sign with WCW

Daltonio AlexanderCorrespondent IApril 5, 2009

In the year of 1998, Mr. Vincent Kennedy McMahon made a guest appearance on a show called Off The Record.

The purpose of his presence on the show was to regard and clarify the purpose for Bret Sergeant Hart's release from the WWF. To sum the interview up in it's entirety, Vince McMahon detailed the events that took place a few months prior.

Vince believed that Bret was physically deteriorating and it began to effect his performance. In other words, Bret Hart was aging and falling from his prime.

With that being said, Vince explained that Bret was suffering from behavioral issues which in the end led to him being extremely disruptive when in the locker-room with the other wrestlers.

Vince also said that he felt Bret was beginning to become a real pain in the a**.

Bret began to miss dates and things of that nature which created a gigantic inconvenience with the financial situation of the WWF who was paying him for full-time performance.

Bret believed that he had earned and or deserved more money than which was included in his existing contract.

Vince suggested to Bret that WCW (the competition and the company that Vince would later purchase) might have the ability to offer him the amount of pay that he desired.

On top of all the controversy, Bret refused to give up the WWE title. He believed he should retain the belt to the very end.

His desired actions would destroy an accepted tradition which implied that if one were to leave the company and/or retire, such events would result in the release of the belt that the individual currently held. 

Vince felt that Bret's actions were unacceptable. Bret misbehaving lead to his demise. He himself chose to leave without any reminisce of honor and or pride.