NBA Playoffs: Who's in and Who's Out?

Kevin KimCorrespondent IApril 2, 2008

The NBA has been distorted beyond recognition this year.

Want some evidence?

The Atlanta Hawks, currently boasting a 34-40 record, will make the playoffs this season.

The Golden State Warriors, who currently hold a 45-29 record, are on the outside looking in.

Every basketball fan knows of the twisted seesaw the NBA has turned into this season.

And how the sun now rises in the West, and sets in the East.

A 50-win team will not make the playoffs this season.

Yes, you heard me correctly.

Dallas, Denver, and Golden State will all end up with 50 wins by the end of the regular season, yet either Dirk, Carmelo, or Monta Ellis will be watching the first round of the playoffs on their plasma TV's.

But the big question is, who?

My answer? Monta.

Don't get me wrong, I love the Warriors. Nothing made me happier last season than seeing Dirk struggling offensively while being guarded by Mickael Pietrus and Baron Davis giving Andrei Kirilienko what he deserved, but that was last season's magic.

But wait one second, isn't that magic still here?

Golden State is a good team. Right?

I mean, they added a new piece called Stephen Jackson. Monta Ellis is playing out of his scrawny mind, and B-diddy is still B-diddy. The Warriors aren’t just GOOD, they’re AMAZING I TELL YOU!

When looking at things from my perspective, things are just darned unfair for the Warriors.

You can call the remaining eight games for the Warriors unfair. With road games versus the likes of Dallas, New Orleans, and Phoenix, not to mention hosting the seriously pissed off Nuggets, Golden State will literally need to "travel through the valley of the Shadow of Death" to end their season.

To win these crucial games, Golden State will have to drive on all cylinders and play their game plan to perfection, which I don't see happening.

You see, a part of Don Nelson's game plan for every game is defense, and getting their defense to work against the offenses previously mentioned will be a little tricky.

The Warriors give up a league-leading 108 points per game, yield a league-leading 47 rebounds per game, and let teams shoot 38.9% from beyond the arc.

I don't see those defensive numbers drastically changing as the season comes to a close.

But I was talking about fairness earlier, so OK, I will talk about the two other teams, the Nuggets and the Mavs. Well, the Nuggets can't play defense either, right? And the Mavs can't win against good teams?


With the traits of coaches George Karl and Avery Johnson, and the nature of the players on their teams, they know it is business time.

Players like Melo, AI, Dirk, and Jason Kidd live for the final three weeks of the regular season, and unlike the Golden State Warriors, they have a great supporting cast that will get after you on defense and rebound the basketball. The Mavs and Jason Kidd also have something to prove, so I will not be suprised to see Jason Kidd playing with a passion like he was 5 years younger.

For all you Golden State fans out there, I'm not hatin’ on your team or anything like that. I'm just facing the facts, that's all there is to it with my writing.

I will have more articles up soon, but until next time, enjoy the rest of this crazy season.


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