Lane Jonson and Wife Chelsea Celebrate Eagles Draft; Twitter Responds in Kind

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterApril 26, 2013

Photo Credit: Amanda Watson
Photo Credit: Amanda Watson

Lane Johnson is headed to Philadelphia, and he is taking his beautiful new wife, Chelsea, with him. 

The NFL draft was as fluid and unpredictable as we thought it might be, with an early trade that many felt would have Johnson headed to Miami. 

As ESPN reports, the former Oklahoma standout is instead going to settle down on the offensive line of the Philadelphia Eagles. 

For many, the sight of his beautiful wife was enough to get all of Twitter talking, providing the hard-hitting analysis you would expect:

Tuna Miller @BigTunaBro

Lane Johnson's girlfriend rocking the adult braces? Classic trophy wife move. #NFLDraft

Jaynee Mortensen @jayywow11

Lane Johnson and his wife are so cute

Big Lead Sports provided a tweet and screen capture of the magical moment a young couple received some very amazing news:

Jason McIntyre @jasonrmcintyre

Lane Johnson and his wife celebrate their new life in Philly http://t.co/j59oMQIlXs

Jeffy C @jeffyc22

Gotta be honest folks. I had no clue Lane Johnson was white or that he was married to a bit of a smoke show. http://t.co/l2VeqiQnHj

Busted Coverage reported on the young couple and their remarkably eventful year. The site states the two were married in January and spotted some lovely pictures of their wedding, via Amanda Watson:

For more on the former Ms. Chelsea Goodman, they point us to the Oklahoma Sooners athletic website, because it seems Lane's better half is something of an athlete as well. 

She spent two years as a high jumper and also seems to have dabbled in the long jump. As an interesting note, her father, John, played at Oklahoma and then played five seasons with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Now Johnson has far more to talk about with his new father-in-law. 

Taking the role of last year's Lauren Tannehill, Chelsea seems to be the winner of the most notable wife of the 2013 NFL draft. 

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