Opinion Round-Up 25 June

Mordecai BrownerAnalyst IJune 25, 2006
Today in sports:
---England, my England (well, not really) advanced into the quarters of the World Cup (yes, I care...still!) by beating the Ecuadorians 1-0.  And to the delight of Asian schoolgirls everywhere (although they mostly live in Asia), it was a goal bent by Beckham!  And if you know me, you know I like making allusions to movies with Keira Knightly in them, no matter  how overplotted the movie was.
---Cardinals pitcher Mark Mulder is having injury problems, which explains his horrid performances of late.  Gee, as a Cub fan, I wouldn't know a darned thinga bout that...
---John Rocker called Ozzie Guillen's sensitivity training a "farce."  Is he newsworthy?  My God, have I been sent back to 1999?  Better stock up on y2k supplies...
---Spanish cyclers stopped midway through a race to protest doping.  I'm betting 20 bucks it was really to get high.  What a joke of a sport. 
Maybe now they'll just be a bad baseball team instead of a bad baseball team that can use their injured slugger as an excuse.  Seriously, do some firing and rebuild for next year.  I'd rather see the team write off this year and make the playoffs next that say "well, we've got D-Lee and a good surrounding unit" and putter their way to .490 both years.  Get this through your heads, Cubs fans:  Derek Lee is not a savior.  We (and by we, I mean you all and the Tribune Co.) made the mistake of having a one-superstar team in the Sosa era.  It don't work that way.  Heck, we should be open to *trading* Lee if the right offer is made.  But we won't, and we'll lose, because we're the Cubs.