David Moyes Should Be Sacked by Manchester United Before End of Season

Richard Langford@@noontide34Correspondent IApril 22, 2014

Manchester United's manager David Moyes looks on during their English Premier League soccer match against Everton at Goodison Park in Liverpool, England, Sunday April 20, 2014. (AP Photo/Clint Hughes)
Clint Hughes

There is no reason to let David Moyes finish out his disastrous debut campaign at Manchester United. He has no future with the club and it would be best for both parties to quickly turn the page.

The Red Devils have played like anything but the defending league champions this campaign. They are seventh in the table and have been lagging behind all year.

So, it was no surprise when a report by Ian Ladyman of the Daily Mail came out on Monday stating, "David Moyes will be sacked by Manchester United in the coming weeks and could even go before the end of the season."

Looking at this news from the start of the campaign, it is shocking. 

Moyes signed a six-year deal with United last May to fill the shoes of Sir Alex Ferguson after the legend had been in charge for 26 years. It was always known he had big shoes to fill, but his six-year deal and United's quest for continuity made it seem like Moyes would get at least a couple of seasons. 

After what has transpired on the pitch the past several months, however, this news is not shocking at all. The Red Devils have disappointed at every turn, and they've disgraced Old Trafford. They carried a mystique of invincibility at their home stomping grounds into the season and fiddled it away this season. In league play this year, they are just 7-3-6 at home. 

We don't need to focus on the abysmal home record to see Moyes' utter failure, however. BR UK tweeted out a laundry list of disappointments for the Red Devils under Moyes:

Ian Herbert of The Independent reported all of these failures have convinced club owners the Glazers that Moyes, "cannot be trusted with the potential £150m war chest intended to meet the club’s aim of reclaiming the Premier League title next season."

I'm certainly not going to argue with them, and I don't think many will be protesting their decision should they sack him. The question now appears to be when they sack him and not if. That shouldn't be a question, either. 

Sky Sports reports a decision is coming in less than a day: 

There is no reason this has to be much of a decision. Moyes needs to be shown the door.

Moyes took over an ageing and flawed group of players. It would have been a miraculous coaching job had he led the Red Devils to another league title. Still, this team has shown no signs of progress. 

Also, according to Jamie Jackson on IrishTimes.com, Moyes is not exactly uniting the players under his reign. Jackson: "[Moyes] alienated many of the squad he inherited from Ferguson. Moyes has struggled to convince some senior players of his abilities and there have been numerous disagreements with others."

SWANSEA, WALES - AUGUST 17:  David Moyes (R) the manager of Manchester United shakes hands with Danny Welbeck (L) after the final whistle during the Barclays Premier League match between Swansea City and Manchester United at the Liberty Stadium on August
Michael Steele/Getty Images

This season has sullied Manchester United's grand reputation enough. Every day Moyes is kept on, it is a passive admission by the club his ineptitude is an acceptable fate at Old Trafford. It is time to send the message there is no room for failure at Manchester United. 

Also, the team has a solid and immediate replacement available. The Sun North West reports should Moyes go, Ryan Giggs will take over:

As for the big picture, Herbert reported Borussia Dortmund coach Jurgen Klopp is a leading candidate to land the Manchester United gig.

That can wait until after the season, however. In the meantime, the Glazers must send a message to the soccer world and their own team that mediocrity is not acceptable and big changes are on the way. This will help erase the sour taste of this campaign and give the club a chance to build some momentum as it enters an offseason where they will be shopping for stars to rebuild the roster. 


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