The Most Hilarious Things Sports Rookies Have Had to Do

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistAugust 3, 2014

The Most Hilarious Things Sports Rookies Have Had to Do

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    ANN HEISENFELT/Associated Press

    Just like being a freshman in high school or college, rookie pro athletes have to go through quite the "welcoming" period.

    Instead of older siblings' friends nagging you or trying to find the right classroom to go to, first-year players in sports have their veteran teammates making them do bizarre things as part of an initiation to the pro game.

    And because athletes like to joke with each other, here are the funniest things rookies have had to do.

Mike Trout

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    Mel Evans/Associated Press

    He's arguably the best player in baseball, but that doesn't mean that Los Angeles Angels All-Star outfielder Mike Trout is immune to some hazing.

    Trout found that out back in 2011, when his teammates stuck with a common tradition of having first-year guys dress up in ridiculous outfits, which included Trout as Lady Gaga.

    He may have finished runner-up in the league MVP voting the past two seasons, but I think Trouty wins for best outfit here, no?

Jeremy Lin Does the Dougie

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    Remember when the Dougie swept the nation back in 2010?

    I bet Jeremy Lin does.

    That's because the point guard was forced to shake it up in front of his teammates during his rookie season, busting a move at center court while playing for the Golden State Warriors.

    Lin was still an unknown then, but he busted a few different moves a few years later with the Linsanity craze when with the New York Knicks.

Alex Parsons

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    Kevin P. Casey/Associated Press

    We've probably all heard of Two Face from the Batman films, but the Oakland Raiders thought it would be pretty funny to make their rookie offensive lineman, Alex Parsons, "two-haired."

    That's because Parsons was forced to buzz and shave the right side of his head while keeping the left side intact.

    Needless to say, it wasn't a good look.

Kendall Marshall

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    It seems that the Phoenix Suns had Bieber Fever back in 2012, as they made their first-round draft pick, Kendall Marshall, walk around with a Justin Bieber backpack during his first season.

    There aren't too many grown men who can pull off a Bieber backpack, but Marshall might be the first to officially start a new trend for guys.

    Or maybe not.

Tim Tebow Buzzed

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    JACK DEMPSEY/Associated Press

    One of the most decorated college football players ever, former quarterback Tim Tebow might have won a Heisman Trophy, two national titles and become a polarizing figure in sports while at the University of Florida, but when his Denver Broncos teammates got a hold of him, he was just a rookie.

    That's why Timmy was forced to go with the Friar Tuck look back in 2010, first going with this before buzzing his entire head.

Zach Hocker

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    Uncredited/Associated Press

    Just this last week, Washington Redskins rookie Zach Hocker found himself with an interesting haircut following his first few practices with his new teammates.

    Hocker was originally pretty cool with the decision to cut his hair—even posting a pic on his Twitter account—but the kicker talked about how much he regretted the choice when he woke up the next morning.

    Oh well, it will grow back, rook.

Josh Reddick

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    Ben Margot/Associated Press

    One of the funnier guys in sports, I have a strange feeling that Oakland Athletics outfielder Josh Reddick actually didn't mind wearing a Spiderman outfit during his rookie campaign in 2012.

    Seeing how Reddick was seen in the dugout as Spidey following a 15-inning game against the Toronto Blue Jays, maybe he used his special powers to bring the team some luck, because Oakland ended up winning 5-4.

2012 Golden State Warriors

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    There was a time, not too long ago, when the song "Gangnum Style" was played way too often.

    And because of that, the Golden State Warriors made sure that their rookies got in on the action, making the first-year guys dance in front of teammates, coaches and fans to the popular song.

    At least the guys got to wear sunglasses to help hide their identity.

Travis Ivey

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    Wilfredo Lee/Associated Press

    To play in the NFL, guys have to be pretty strong.

    And while that usually means lifting a lot to help them block or bull over the dude in front of them, former Miami Dolphins defensive tackle Travis Ivey found himself in a battle with shoulder pads rather than an offensive lineman.

    With a few different pairs resting on his shoulders, Ivey was literally up to his head with all it takes to play in the league.

Chris Copeland

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    Everyone loves a pair of comfortable pajamas to sleep in—especially on a cold, winter night.

    But for former New York Knicks forward Chris Copeland, the pink-hearted, teddy bear jammies that his teammates chose for him to don back in 2012 weren't ones that he probably enjoyed too much.

    Just look at Copeland's face in this photo that teammate J.R. Smith posted on Instagram, and you'll see a man who's really upset with what's going on.

Luis Martinez

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    LM Otero/Associated Press

    Looking like he was trying to find a place to swim, former Texas Rangers catcher Luis Martinez found himself forced to wear a red, white and blue speedo complete with kids swim floaties after a doubleheader in 2012.

    I'm not sure which one of his teammates thought this one up, but whoever it was is a sick, sick human being, because it's a hilariously disgusting outfit.

Jason Thompson

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    This is a warning to all rookies: Remember to do what the veterans say.

    The Sacramento Kings' Jason Thompson learned the hard way that he wasn't above the initiation that his older teammates demanded of him after he repeatedly refused to bring them their favorite breakfast.

    His teammates didn't just let it go, but instead filled up Thompson's Escalade with popcorn to get revenge on the unwilling rookie.

    I love the stuff during a movie, but not all over my car!

Chris Colmer

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    NFL Photos/Getty Images /Getty Images

    When a possible future Hall of Fame fullback asks you to get Gatorade for him, dammit, you get a cup of the stuff for him!

    That's what Mike Alstott asked of Chris Colmer while the two were playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers together in 2005, with the then-rookie offensive lineman refusing to get some for Alstott.

    So, what did the bullish runner do?

    He paid a visit to Colmer's house later that night, removed the tires from his car and left directions for where to retrieve all of them

    That's just mean, man.

Trindon Holliday

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    Bob Leverone/Associated Press

    Standing just 5'5", NFL special teamer Trindon Holliday naturally gets confused with a young kid probably more than he would like.

    But back during his rookie season in 2011, while playing for the Houston Texans, his teammates actually treated him like a little kid, making him a very special pink tricycle to ride during the team's training camp.

    Good for Holliday for being a good sport about it too.

Tony Bobbitt

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    Andrew D. Bernstein/Getty Images

    Although Tony Bobbitt can say that he once did play in the NBA, his two-game stint with the Los Angeles Lakers was more memorable for the prank the team played on him than anything else.

    After claiming that actress Lucy Liu was looking his way while he was riding the pine during a game, Bobbitt's Lakers teammates pulled a quick one on him, giving him a number that they claimed was Liu's—though it was really Vlade Divac's—and then having a female Lakers employee pretend to be the actress.

    Bobbitt even claimed to have gone on a few dates with Liu, which wasn't only a lie, but made his teammates howl in laughter even more at what they had pulled on the rookie.