Note To Cavs: Watch Out for Kevin Garnett in Game Seven

Chris ConradCorrespondent IMay 17, 2008

For everyone who thinks the playoffs rest on sharpshooter Ray Allen’s shoulders: Think again.

While Allen has struggled of late, and a resurgence on his part would certainly help the Celtics' cause, what it really means is the playoffs rest on power forward Kevin Garnett, who has tallied a double-double in four of the six games in the current series with Cleveland.

The 6'11" forward out of Mauldin, South Carolina has been playing with a chip on his shoulder ever since young Atlanta Hawks big-man Zaza Pachulia got in his face. Β Β Β 

The selfish game is not KG's style, but, after the Celtics only scored 69 points last night in the Game Six loss, it's clear the ball needs to go down low to the Big Ticket.

Paul Pierce and Ray Allen need to make sure that Garnett gets 15-to-30 shots a game because, as this team goes deeper in the playoffs, the legs will start to get tired and the jump shots will start to fade. Therefore, the ball needs to be passed down low so KG can take care of business. What the wingers should notice is, when you get the ball inside, you get more easy shots outside.

(Also, the officials in Game Six were absolutely pathetic. No chance that with 45 seconds left LeBron will get that call on the road. But since the Cavs were at home and LeBron flopped and got credited for it. Doc Rivers simply said "our boys played hard, and as for that call, you can finish my thoughts." A nice and classy way to say: The call sucked.)

When the Celtics return home Sunday for their second Game Seven in two rounds of the playoffs, the Cavs and Co. will be in for a dogfight.

Ray Allen and Paul Pierce need to make sure that Garnett gets his hands on the ball. Jump shots will not carry you through the playoffs; that is the job of stability inside.

Look out for KG and Co. The Celtics will win this game thanks to a 30-point, 15-rebound effort from the almighty Big Ticket.