Vanderbilt Football: Maybe Next Year

Leon WynnAnalyst IMay 24, 2008

I'm an optimist, but the absolute best-case scenario for Vanderbilt is nothing to boast about.

If the stars align just right, Vandy will be going 6-6 this year with a possibility of making it to a bowl game. They have taken a hard hit due to graduation, an early departure from Earl Bennett, and injuries this spring.

Vandy's offense is up in the air right now. The starting quarterback slot is unfilled right now with Mackenzi Adams or Chris Nickson looking to take the reigns.

The big boys in front are all new-commers after all five of last year's starters graduated, including first-round draft pick Chris Williams.

And to top it all off, the Southeastern Conference's all-time leading receptions leader is no longer around to be the bail-out guy.

This team will rely on their defense to carry them. While this may be asking too much, the secondary is full of veteran SEC talent led by D.J. Moore.

The lightning-fast corners are accompanied by an excellent defensive line that is quick enough off the snap to generate a solid pass rush against the best of teams.

Expect to see DEs Broderick Stewart and Steven Stone find their way to the quarterback regularly.

Realistically, the Commodores will most likely end up with five wins under their belt and a good season to learn from. I expect these guys to be bowling in two years.

This year, the team is too young and needs time to grow together. Β This season is already being written off as a training exercise.

Like Justin Hokanson said, "Maybe Next Year."