Shots in the Dark: The Civil War Here at Bleacher Report Has To Stop

GrahamSenior Analyst ISeptember 14, 2009

It's time to fight back, that's what Huey said
Two shots in the dark now Huey's dead
I got love for my brother but we can never go nowhere
Unless we share with each other
We gotta start makin' changes
Learn to see me as a brother instead of two distant strangers

— Tupac Shakur, Changes

In case you haven't noticed, now's the time to lower your guns, lay down your picket signs, and shut your protesting mouths.

That is, unless you want this war to get even more repugnant.

The complaining, incivilities, and nescience has driven me away from this site. It's practically unbearable to watch good friends go down in flames because they made a grammatical error.

I can't tolerate the overflow of pule on this site; especially when the complainers continue to go about their yelling without realizing the work it takes to maintain this exceptionally run Web site.

And worst of all is when a finger shaking with umbrage is pointed toward a fellow Bleacher Creature because they might've taken part in starting a new trend or vogue style, and the accuser is displeased by it.

And I only have one question: Why?

Why are your typing fingers so full of bitterness and vexation?

Why are your eyes so glazed over with antipathy and animosity?

Why must you spit such iniquitous venom and hold such an obdurate grudge?

Because, last I heard, to be successful, you must make friends—not enemies.

It's come to the point where articles are composed for the sole reason of objecting the decision that awards a deserving article POTD. Where SPORTS-related comments made red-faced have turned into threats made with veins popping and foreheads purple.

Oh, and yes, by the way, this is a B/R Chatter article. I'm writing it as a warning. The site has gone so corrupt that one step across the infamous line will cost you 20 or 30 fans, mainly because they're fans of those against the "perpetrator."

Is he/she really a perpetrator, though? Will one B/R Chatter article that wins start a ticking time bomb that can go off at any given moment, or are you guys mature enough to say "Well, if I don't like the method/purpose, I just won't read the article." At least if the author is offended, harsh words won't be exchanged to greatly discourage the writer.

If he does PM you about if, then you can just elaborate on your choice kindly and politely, and likely he'll understand.

If he doesn't, then he's the one clouded by frivolity, not you.

What's with the cries of "I don't like this!" and "this change is stupid!" too? Is it that much of a problem that you can't handle Bleacher trying to look more professional? After all, they're the ones getting you on and CBS. Maybe if they raise their standards and look, USA Today will be a more common thing and ESPN will enter the realm of possibility.

Like Kevin Garnett said, "ANYTHING'S POSSIBLEEE!!!"

But contrary to the attitude Garnett possessed, you guys can't seem to fight through controversy and the fact that fate may not be kind to you.

And by fate, I mean Bleacher Report adding in the "Like" system, which you may not favor compared to the regular POTD either.

Hey, this ain't rocket science, little Jimmy. If I can figure it out, I'm sure you can too.

Just letting you know, if any of you drop the ol' "Respect your elders" line because of that little crack made above in the comments section, please, wisen up. This is the Internet, for God's sake.

Which reminds me (here I go again), why must you insist on bringing age into stuff like this? I can't speak my mind because of my age? I can't state my opinion in full—and I'm talking about disagreeing here—because you're outraged about being blasted by a youth like me? Well think that one over again.

Don't you think I would be miffed about you practically taping my mouth shut because you're an old timer who goes by the MYTH that you can treat others with coarseness because you have more life experience than I do?

Oh...wait, no. That's right. You're not THAT old-school. You're just like the rest of us—frightened by the thought of being burned by one younger than yourself.

But even after all this ranting, I'm still giving no reason for those of you who agree with me to rush into a corner scrambling to pull out your weapons and stay there, forever fending off the assailants. I'm giving you all a reason to get up after falling down and go back to the old Bleacher Report.

One where vets welcomed newcomers and took them under their wing. Not one that immediately brainwashes innocent and confused newbies that writing a B/R Chatter article is a horrible sin and things of that nature.

I'm placing you in the perfect push-off point, to escape the island of lies and propensity when it came to understanding.

But unfortunately, I won't be with you all on that journey.

This will be my last article on Bleacher Report for a long while. With school starting up, I have absolutely NO time to read your articles, which reflects badly on me and hurts you that wasn't able to stop by, even though I ask you to check in on my stuff.

I also have many projects to work on. I'll leave it at that.

When I return, I look forward to seeing a different Bleacher Report. One that is the opposite of the one I described above.

I may be able to check in with a comment or two once in a blue moon, and I'll certainly set aside time to read my favorite authors. But the days of consistent updates/articles on Bleacher Report will be no more for an extended period of time.

Farewell, friends...