What Sports Teams And Players Would Do With a Championship Trophy

Ben WeixlmannSenior Writer IMay 26, 2008

This article is inspired by a column written the other day about the Lombardi Trophy.  So here it goes:

University of Florida Football Team- Well I think it's a pretty good assumption that they would break it.

University of Florida Basketball Team- Billy Donovan would break it, or not? Sike! He would break a fake one to freak out supporters!

Latrell Sprewell- He would ask for a new contract, to feed his kids.

Chicago Cubs- C'mon, Silly!  The Cubs and a championship trophy, now that is just a preposterous idea!

Florida Marlins- Can someone say wholesale!  All Marlins players would be "Buy One Get One Free".

UCLA Basketball- They won enough of them already, didn't they?  The Wizard of Westwood would probably come back to coach a couple more seasons.

Michael Jordan- Grasp it and hold it tight.  Everyone cherises that moment, just after his father was tragically murdered.

Dennis Rodman- I'm pretty sure he would dye it some sort of color, to match his hair perhaps?

Tampa Bay Rays- Ha! Let's try to make the playoffs first, guys.

San Antonio Spurs- They would just keep going about their business.  After all, everyone thinks they are "the most boring team ever."

Any WNBA Team- Who cares?  They would probably go back to having real jobs. Have fun, Candace Parker, earning $44,000 over the next year.

Bill Belichick- He would probably make a video camera out of it, anyone agree?

Tony Romo- Take it on vacation with him the week before the playoffs.

Jared Zabransky- I think they have recently created a statue on the Boise  State campus of JZ holding the trophy in his hand, not that torch thing.

Albert Pujols- This guy could probably use it as a bat and still hit .330.


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