Elite XC Fix: Kimbo Slice Wins a Rigged Match

CJ DacontaCorrespondent IMay 31, 2008

May 31, The Elite XC event on CBS was rigged for Kimbo Slice to win.  James Thompson was set up to lose that fight from the beginning.  So much hype and money was put into Kimbo Slice for this event that losing would be a major upset that EliteXC was not willing to take. So to make sure he won this fight, they gave him an opponent that has lost his last two matches, when more capable fighters like Brett Rogers were out there land willing to fight him.

Thompson was clearly at a disadvantage in the stand up game taking several good punches to the face and looked like he would be knocked out, but he took down Kimbo every time and got around Kimbo's so called ground game and gained the upper hand in the fight.  In the second round, Kimbo was pinned against the cage receiving elbow after elbow to the face.  They may not have been very strong, but none the less, Kimbo was not defending himself just getting bashed in the face.  The ref should have stepped in at that time and called the match for a TKO in favor of Thompson, but he didn't.  Then in the Third round, Thompson is hit with a punch by Kimbo that bursts a cyst on his ear from a case of cauliflower. The match was stopped, even though Thompson was still standing and still moving on his feet.  This comes as a shock to me, especially since in UFC 83, Michael Bisping was continuously kneeing Charles McCarthy in the face, and it wasn't until Charles actually fell to the ground when the fight actually stopped.  The only time blood is cause for a stoppage is when it is in the eyes.  The bleeding was no where close to the eyes, and unless James Thompson has HIV or some infectious disease ,if so he  shouldn't be fighting anyway, then there was no reason to stop the fight.

Unless there is some medical reason that he had to stop fighting because of his ear, then that fight was clearly rigged.  They have destroyed the face of MMA, especially on PRIME TIME TV.  This is no longer a sport, this was BS pro wrestling match with the fights outcome already planned. Everyone who is watching MMA for the first time is now thinking, so this is what MMA is all about. 

I still believe that Kimbo is a backyard brawler with his one skill of throwing a punch.  Even against second rate fighters he struggles.  Put him against a real fighter from the UFC like Frank Mir or Randy Coulture and watch him be demolished by people who are professionals.

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